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Merry Christmas everyone!  The Limitcast crew is finally recovering from our charity antics, Nick’s crotch juice is still stained into my scrubs (and memory), and it’s time to get the podcast back on track.  Since it’s Christmas, we are inviting all of the readers and listeners out there to give us your wish list for the holidays…and beyond!

Let me stop you real quick though, before you start jotting down every damn game you missed this year.  We don’t want that.  Give us your wish list for the industry or secret desires you’ve had for future games or your favorite characters.

We know about your homemade drawings of Link wearing fish net stockings.  Or that disturbing flip-book sex scene between Sheik and Mr. Saturn that you drew in the corner of your mead notebook, while sitting on the floor of gym class because of an asthma flare up.

Hell, you could even make it meaningful.  Tell us that you are tired of Activision making instrument games, and that you want them to stop before they force us to relive that all too horrific tambourine incident in our introduction to music class.  Maybe you want to see the Silent Hill sent back to the Japanese developers before Americans turn it into the Saw series of video games.  Wait…we created a series for that anyway.

None of your wishes are off-limits!  Post them below and we will discuss them, as well as our own, on the upcoming Limitcast.

To save comment space, let me add this real quick.  We are completely aware of your desire for a large box of dildos in a DJ Hero renegade case.

  1. Here’s mine:

    I wish Chase would stop acting out the events of his highschool career via preshow discussion posts.

  2. My Christmas wish is that awesome JRPGs stop using turn-based fighting systems. And that includes even shittier fighting systems… I’m looking at you, Eternal Sonata!

  3. I wish I had friends to play Borderlands on the PC with. and Team Fortress 2, and you know what just friends to play with in general

    And I also wish Josh would didn’t screw up that awesome you guys did with my questions, and maybe be a guest ?

  4. Okay, that last one’s never gonna happen, but a man can dream can’t he ?

  5. I wish that Simons wish be unwished, and they figure out a way to adapt the turn based RPG to be more modern.

  6. My X-mas gaming wishes –

    Please make leet-speak illegal.
    A pill to remove painful lap-dance images from my scarred psyche.
    But most importantly, more new IPs.

  7. I was gonna say what Simon said…but he already said it. I guess I’d wish for what Timmy wished for, if every RPG I knew of that had a good spin on turn-based combat wasn’t critically panned.

  8. i want a local co-op game with a decent plot and around 12 hours of gameplay to playthrough that isn’t a Fps/Tps

  9. All I want for Christmas is a Blizzard Authenticator…:(

  10. I want achievements and trophies to become a currency. Ubisoft has the right idea. But M$ and Sony need to take achievements/trophies to the next level.

  11. @ kevin
    even better lets make those achievement points xp and have avatars that level up

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