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Join myself, Chase Cook, Paul Clark, and special guest Shawn Evans and as we build up our holiday spirit via a session of unexpected optimism. This week we crush respond to our listener’s Christmas wishes while also sharing a bit of our own and utilizing every opportunity to tear each other down.

Tune in for some comments on Chase’s controversial Spirit Tracks review, Paul’s early impressions of The Saboteur, and various discussions on innumerable gaming topics and titles.

Unfortunately Chris Carter missed out on the festivities this week, but we did our best to layer the show with ridiculous blanket statements in his stead.

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  1. The “Yo! Noid” section of this podcast is the most EPIC thing ever!

  2. For future reference:

    You definitely have a use for this.

  3. Shawn hit the nail on the head. I enjoy being a jackass online. I’m actually real nice in person :)

    Also, as for BB, if I didn’t read in forums about the fact that an internal memo was sent out to honor the deal if it was ordered online on that date, then I would have let it go. I knew it had to be a mistake so I was OK if I didn’t get it. But I was turned down and then found out they were told to honor the deal. So I wasn’t happy that they didn’t do their job. So I got what I should have in the first place .

  4. Chase, add a new mic to your Christmas list por favor

  5. If the AC series survives long enough, I’m sure they’ll eventually get to a more modern day surrounding Chase. Have to be patient for another 10 years. They’ll get there buddy.

  6. why was everyones voice deeper this episode?

  7. We all just recently went through puberty.

  8. I’ll have you know I was 100% sober when I made that comment…but I was typing it at the same time I was playing Uncharted 2

  9. i have a ps3 coming to me christmas day and have only played the first half of metal gear solid but nothing more

    can i make your christmas wish come true josh?

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