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After a brief hiatus, the Limitcast returns with a very special episode. Recorded live just moments after the conclusion of Gamer Limit’s Piece of Heart charity gaming marathon, this episode serves to recount the highlights from the event and ensure that a certain guy on guy lap dance is never forgotten.

Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, and Nick Simberg as they huddle around the microphone for a bit of in-the-flesh action, joined remotely by Paul ”Charlie bit me!” Clark.

We’re a bit rough around the edges this week – 48 hours of uninterrupted Ratchet and Clank will do that to you – so bear with us. We’ll be returning to our normal format next week, but let us know if you’d be interested in the occasional live show.

Check out these videos, recorded live during the event:

Limitcast Live! – The video feed of this week’s episode.

The Lapdance – Anything for donations. Anything.

The Hot Sauce Incident – Chase falls asleep during the marathon. Mistake.

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped make Piece of Heart a success. Make sure you check out Nick’s excellent write up on the event: Piece of Heart: The Charitable Adventure.

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  1. Loving the excessive eating going on as each of you speak. Good stuff!

  2. I wasn’t eating, I was a good boy. It was those Americanians!

  3. I like how they bash James for stuffing his face while they’re eating. haha

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