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Sony has commissioned the developers of Heavy Rain to try some new things with its trophy alerts.  To prevent small distractions from popping up during intense, emotional scenes, the developers are implementing a delayed system that shows your achievements during chapter breaks.

While the idea has good intentions, the effect seems to be generating mixed feelings.  Read on to find out more.

Many gamers agree that taking away the alerts will add to the game’s immersion, but those who enjoy going after achievements don’t like the idea of being alerted between levels when they’d rather know instantly.

Many people have suggested having delayed trophies as an option for players, but talks about that are yet to be seen.

Heavy Rain is set to release February 2010.  Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Kotaku

  1. A trophy option would probably be for the best, but still, hats off to Sony. This is a really good idea.

  2. I’m saving my in-depth comments for now, but I’ll say this: I really like this idea and what it could evolve into.

  3. So what’s the issue here? Just print off a piece of paper with the trophies on it.

  4. I sometimes find myself interrogating my ps3 when the trophy notice takes a second too long to show up. Maybe removing the audio or creating a more subtle in game notice would be better than a delayed notice

  5. This is a GREAT idea. In a narrative driven game, break the immersion as little as possible. Everyone will still get their crack– er, trophies.

  6. I don’t want adolescent trophy-whores spoiling the drama of Heavy Rain.

    Oh noes, I didn’t get to see my achievements until the end of the chapter! Woe!

    This is a great idea.

  7. I don’t mind the either, but I’m not for it either. For those that do aim to collect the trophies, how would you know if you’ve successfully got it or not?

    Waiting until the end of the chapter wouldn’t be the best idea, but since I don’t really care for trophies, I’m impartial to this adjustment.

  8. I’ve never found that my immersion into any game is ruined by trophies or achievements poping up. It’s not like they are presented on screen with any type of glorious fan fare. It’s a small bleep and a little grey box. That really bothers people?

  9. That’s a cool idea. All games should have the option to turn alerts on/off or wait till combat is over. Dragon age pisses me off to no end, with those half screen alerts.

  10. When there’s too much controversy…just give us the option to do whatever one we want.

    Then no one can complain (even though they still will…)

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