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We all know that Mega Man 10 has been announced. We all heard about Sheep Man, too. But, when are we gonna see what it looks like? I suppose it’s true that we can already guess; however, it’s still nice to see the game in action.

Earlier this evening, Capcom’s US community website celebrated Mega Man’s 22nd birthday with a live video stream which featured the first footage of Mega Man 10. The footage was recorded and uploaded onto YouTube just an hour after the event ended. Hit the jump to see footage of Sheep Man’s stage, showcasing the game’s “Normal Mode” and the new “Easy Mode”.

As a Mega Man fan, I have to say that my feelings are positive. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mega Man 9, as I felt the overabundance of instant death traps in every level didn’t feel Mega Man-esque. However, this video shows a level where the death trap factor was downplayed in lieu of more interesting level design. Easy Mode looks nice; it’ll be good for the many people I know who enjoy Mega Man, but find it too difficult. Here’s hoping that MM10 signifies a return of losing lives due to clever enemy placement.

The newest Mega Man installment is coming this Spring.

Sources: YouTube, Capcom-Unity

  1. VERY reminiscent of Magna Centipede!

  2. Easy Mode is for pansies!

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