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Capcom is not wasting any time getting as much Mega Man 10 information out to the public as possible.  Last night they hosted a live video stream featuring the first video footage of game, and today they released the first official trailer.

It appears a virus has broken out causing all the robots to turn evil and begin taking over the world.  It’s up to Mega Man, with the help of Proto Man, to stop the out-of-control robots and save the day again.  The trailer shows off multiple levels from the game as well a quick glimpse at the new “Easy Mode”.

Check it out above and then hit the jump to let us know what you think.


  1. Crap. I was gonna post this! I guess that’s what happens when you sleep 10 hours!

  2. All I needed to hear was “Sheep Man”. :)

  3. I really appreciate that the level design looks to be more interesting than MM9. It’s definitely renewed my interest in the game, where after MM9, I felt like I couldn’t really care less if they made MM10. Good stuff.

  4. Roboenza, influenza. I’m guessing this virus will turn out to have been made by the main villain.

  5. avatar Jordan Garski

    robot virus? precursor to the Maverick Virus?

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