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Wii fans need love, too

Last week, Develop magazine asked a panel of game developers why they believe there is a lack of third-party support for the Wii despite its massive user-base. The responses were not positive. Three years into the console’s life and developers are still afraid to touch it.

After the first year or so, it should have been clear to anyone that developers who had not expressed interest in the Wii were never going to be won over. Despite that, Nintendo continues to catch heat, essentially for not copying from Sony and Microsoft’s playbook. The same lamentations are repeated over and over again; the arguments have gotten old.

With the frequency of “Wii is a failure” pieces being published, you would assume that there aren’t any Wii fans among enthusiast gamers, much less those who would rate it above the 360 and PS3. That’s not true, though. There are such gamers.

I am such a gamer.

It shouldn’t be so hard to accept, yet how many gamers would question your tastes and values if you say you are a Wii fan? It raises far more skepticism than would claiming 360 or PS3 preference. There is far too much ignorance, both willful and unintended, in regards to what software is available on the Wii and what values Wii gamers appreciate the most. I shouldn’t have to qualify myself, but I’ll do so anyway.

Whether it’s because my parents carefully monitored my exposure to explicit content growing up, because I never outgrew Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, or whatever, I have an aversion to explicit violence or sexualization in games. The marquee titles on the 360 and PS3 usually carry mature ratings, and are thus an immediate turn-off. Oh, I’ve played and enjoyed such games like God of War and No More Heroes, but who doesn’t make exceptions from time to time?

I also am not pleased by the HD consoles’ focus on the epic blockbuster. Many in the game media and enthusiast circles believe that the only way for games to gain legitimacy is to mimic the Hollywood model. As such, a game like Uncharted 2 is championed for its refinement of cinematic storytelling within the medium. I don’t care much for the legitimacy argument, or rather, I don’t think that particular approach is the correct path towards mainstream acceptance.

Marble Saga: Kororinpa

With the Wii, I can enjoy a variety of low-key software designed to do only one or two things, but to do them well. They don’t insist upon themselves, they don’t try to change the face of gaming, they just are. I am happy that small-scale companies have a conduit to the retail channel for experimental products at low risk.

I like the quirky and the cute. I love the Kororinpas and The Munchables of the world. I am giddy about the Klonoas and the Muramasas and the 2D resurgence. And yes, I also enjoy the first-party games.

Not that it should matter, but no, I do not own an HD console. I do have an interest in purchasing a PS3 at some point. I have my software wishlist ready to go. However, I am satisfied with what the Wii offers me, and am in no rush to buy anything else. I know what I’m missing out on, but it simply isn’t an issue for me.

I explained all that to help you understand my frustrations with the gamer community. The enthusiasts that read gaming news and blogs are but a minority of the larger gaming population. People like me are a minority of that minority. As a result, the sites and outlets that cater to your interests do little to address mine.

Wii coverage is lacking overall. It’s hard not to think that most sites only make token efforts to acknowledge the Wii’s existence. Even when there is a positive Wii story, it’s not rare to catch an off-hand remark that expresses incredulity at such good news. No matter the extent of the coverage, it’s overshadowed by the far more ostentatious announcements surrounding the HD consoles.


Basically, if you want solid, in-depth Wii news and editorials, then you’ll have to visit Nintendo-centric sites like GoNintendo. I appreciate RawmeatCowboy and the rest of the GoNintendo crew for their passion in delivering all the news they can, posting updates literally every minute, no matter how seemingly insignificant. However, it shouldn’t be necessary to run to these sites just to escape a lot of the negativity that clouds the all-purpose gaming outlets.

Even then, the attitudes sometimes carry over. Consider the latest IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast. In this episode, the editors whine about how the Wii absolutely needs achievements, why “epic” games can never be made on the Wii, and how the Wii could cause another crash, all while directly insulting the listeners and Nintendo fans in general. Why would the Nintendo branch of IGN go to such lengths to show disrespect for its visitors? It’s disgustingly unprofessional.

Then there are the commenters who sour Wii discussions with the same tired clichés. Read the responses to any given Wii piece, and you are bound to find the “My Wii is collecting dust!” comment, the “I sold my Wii and couldn’t be happier!” comment, or the “I was a Nintendo fan from the NES days but no longer!” comment. I respect people’s opinions and wouldn’t fault them for their disfavor with the Wii, but when the only arguments they present are the same lines that have been repeated again and again over the past three years, I can’t imagine how they are doing anything other than trolling.

There is the practice of port begging whereby fans of one console see a game in production for another console and demand that it come over, such as Resident Evil 5 (Wii version with pointer controls), Dragon Quest IX (should be on a home console), and Left 4 Dead (don’t forget about the PS3, Valve). However, I am most curious by requests for Wii games to become HD projects instead. Considering one of the biggest faults against the Wii is its supposed lack of software for “hardcore” gamers, the detractors should be thrilled that content that excites them is coming their way.

Epic Mickey

When Epic Mickey was announced as a Wii exclusive, the requests for an HD port were numerous. Contradictions abounded as a lot of people thought it unfathomable that a Mickey Mouse game should be on a platform that, according to popular opinion, only caters to young children and the elderly. Regardless of the reasons given, years of Wii distrust has led many to assume that the final product will be substandard. What should have been a discussion of an ambitious new game devolved into more infighting over the Wii’s merits.

While many gamers are polarized in their Wii opinions, a sizeable percentage don’t care one way or another. This wave of disinterest is perhaps the most disappointing result of this whole ordeal. I think of all the underrated gems in the Wii library that performed poorly at retail, and how press writers and bloggers have expressed displeasure for their lack of sales. When these same writers and bloggers don’t do much to cultivate a healthy environment for Wii discussion, is there any mystery why the disinterested pay so little mind?

What can explain these attitudes? It can’t be fanboyism. Fanboyism was Sega and Nintendo kids talking smack in the playground back in 1991. I don’t disagree that the Wii has a lot of legitimate problems that contribute to the impression it leaves on the gamer community, but these sentiments are also shared by the most vocal members of the game media and big development houses. According to their words and actions, the Wii shouldn’t exist. Worse than that, Wii consumers are misguided and unconcerned with quality.

This can’t be a healthy environment. What are Wii fans to do? I wish it was as easy as tuning out the noise, but, after the constant flow of negativity, you start to lose the will to speak up at all. I’m certain that a lot of folks prefer not to mention their Wii-playing habits, not out of shame, but out of fear that doing so will spark another round of acerbic grumblings.

I personally feel unwelcomed in many communities, whether that is their intention or not. There’s a lot of direspect for not just the Wii, but also the people who would wish to discuss it in a positive light. Is there any way to correct this? Is there any way to bridge the gap?

At this point, I don’t think so. The time for change was a year or two back. I wonder how many of the people I’ve mentioned realize that they have contributed to this exclusionary environment. There’s a lesson to be learned, and I hope enough people discover it and take it to heart for the next console generation.

We are gamers. You are my peers. Why then do I feel so distant?

  1. Wii hating was fun while it lasted, but then it actually started to…get games!

    I’ve always enjoyed my DS more than the Wii, but after recently purchasing one, I’ve already compiled a giant list of games to buy. I can’t wait for No More Heroes 2, and Other M!

  2. I’m not really sure what to say. Thus far, the Wii has just had very few games I like. I got my Wii for free, so I can’t complain about that, and I *do* use it; however, the vast majority of my time on the Wii is spent with Virtual Console games – games that are technically not even made for the Wii.

    So far, I only have three hardware game (Super Paper Mario, NSMB Wii, Little King’s Story) and two WiiWare titles (FF4: The After Years, Contra ReBirth). I just find myself racking my brain to think of games on the Wii which I haven’t played that sound enticing, and I can only think of maybe two (No More Heroes, Wario Land: Shake It!).

    I definitely don’t adhere to the ‘games need to be epic and HD’ philosophy; quite the opposite, I think mimicking the Hollywood model is awful. I certainly am not a hater of Nintendo (love my DS) or fanboy. Actually, I try not to be a ‘fan’ of anything.

    But the problem is just, there aren’t many games that sound interesting on the Wii. I’m sure there are plenty of great games, but I don’t feel like shoveling through all the crap to get to it.

    I also have a lot of issues with the Wii Remotes; so far, I still don’t think I’ve played a game where the motion control aspect hasn’t been, by far, the worst aspect of the gameplay controls.

    The online functionality is awful, too; say what you will about needing to focus on the Wii’s strengths, but this is a big one to be missing out on. I’m dreading buying Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom next month, because here’s what I’m betting is going to happen: I’ll turn it on, play it, love it (and unlock the characters if that’s necessary)…then I’ll realize that it’s way too much of a chore to play people online, to actually compete and improve my skills. Then, I’ll put it away and probably never touch it again. For a fighting game, which should technically have unlimited longevity as long you can find another human opponent, that’s a pretty big incentive to not put a fighting game on the Wii.

    I don’t hate the Wii, but I can’t think of any reason why I would have ever bought it if I didn’t get it for free. It’s too hard to find the diamonds in the rough, the main functionality of the controller is a huge source of frustration for me, and the inability to play games with my friends are just huge turn-offs to me; simple as that.

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  3. @Jamie

    Overlord Dark Legend
    Mario Galaxy
    Metroid Prime Trilogy
    Twilight Princess
    Mario Kart Wii
    Punch Out!!
    Wii Sports Resort
    Super Paper Mario
    Swords and Solders
    FFCC My life as a King
    Mario Strikers
    Little King Story
    No More Heroes
    LostWinds 1 and 2
    Mario Party 8
    New Super Mario Brothers
    Zack and Wiki
    Both Resident Evil rail shooters
    De Blob
    Boom Blox
    Trauma Center Series

    That’s off the top of my head.

  4. Most of those I’ve already either tried, or am not interested in. I admit, I completely forgot about Mario Galaxy, because I am dumb; and I thought the Overlord game was a remake of the original Overlord until five seconds ago.

    Besides that, the only ones on there that I don’t have any particular opinion about are the LostWinds games. Guess I should look into those!

  5. I enjoy my Wii, but it’s been ages since I actually cranked it up. The last game I played on it was Wario Land Shake It!, but I will be getting New Super Mario Bros. as soon as I can get my grubby mitts on it.

  6. I think the animosity towards the Wii stems from alot of gamers feeling nintendo turned on us first. Most peole I know who game had there first experience in the world on a Nintendo. I would wager that 70% of the hardcore gamer community over 21 would say the same. Those same gamers kept nintendo in business buying all the reiterations of their favourite games and fully embraced the idea of the Wii and its potential way before it was a trendy item.

    Then 2 years ago at E3 Nintendo said quite matter of factly that they no longer cared about that audience and instead wanted to embrace the more lucrative trendy market. The trouble with trends is they will eventually end and the Wii peaked and now nintendo wants to get those gamers back.

    It may seem that gamers and game designers have turned their back on the Wii but Nintendo drew first blood.

    There is fun to be had on the Wii and there are good games on it but its wether or not those bridges have been burned

    • avatar Flor

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  7. @cynicalmonkey

    “Then 2 years ago at E3 Nintendo said quite matter of factly that they no longer cared about that audience and instead wanted to embrace the more lucrative trendy market. The trouble with trends is they will eventually end and the Wii peaked and now nintendo wants to get those gamers back.”

    I would like to see that quote.

    Also, the Wii is not “trying to get those gamers back.” The problem people keep having with the Wii is that they think its a fad. After three years, that needs to stop.

    • avatar Riiezkky

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  8. @Jamie Obeso

    How did you play fighting games, or any multiplayer game, before online connectivity?

  9. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories single-handedly saved 2009 on the Wii for me.

    But it’s still a console that I’m glad to own despite the fact that I’m not really getting a ton of play out of it. I don’t see a lot of reason to badmouth it, but I don’t lavish praise on it either. So I guess I’m just hovering in the middle – but not quite the utter disinterest that you mentioned.

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  10. avatar FrontierDev

    @Jamie Obeso – Yes Jamie, I think you should look into the LostWinds games :-) (and not just because we developed them!)

    @the article – If you feel alienated by the gaming community as a whole, then why not look towards the bubbles of community which exist in and around the developers who ARE making games for the Nintendo Wii. Then you’re sure to find people interested in talking about the positives, rather than all the negatives. Developers appreciate hearing what the community has to say about their games (we certainly do!), and the platforms they’re on – and you don’t have the fear of backlash :-)

  11. @FrontierDev

    Well, like in the IGN Nintendo case, you still aren’t safe from off-hand remarks.

  12. @tony

    nintendo’s e3 showcase pretty much said it but i think it was cammie’s comments that really sealed it

    ‘what core gamer doesn’t love Mario and baseball and finding out which combination of characters are going to do what kind of crazy things in the field?’

    I don’t think she knows what a core gamer is?

    in fact nintendo have spent much time since e3 2008 admitting e3 2008 was a failure, trying to reiterate they do care about core gamers and promising big titles for actual gamers instead of soccer moms.

    since then in fact they have provided some good solid actual games (dead space extraction springs to mind) that have bombed because while they have sold a bazillion consoles only about 1/50 of them are to people who will either a) buy more than 2-3 games b) play actual triple a titles c) follow and support new games. you can’t blame designers for not wanting to get invloved with the development costs of a sytem that their game will bomb on.

  13. It should be noted that the Wii hasn’t dropped its price yet, and much of the products on Amazon’s top ten video game wish list were Nintendo related. While it may not get the attention it deserves, it definitely is making its stance against Sony and Microsoft.

    Edit: It saw its first and only price drop not too long ago.

  14. @Curtis

    Yes, it has. $199 down from $250, remember?

  15. @Tony

    When I was still attending High School and Community College back at home, there were a large number of people who attended the local arcades. So, I would go there and find competition, make friends there, and even go to get-togethers at people’s houses after they closed the arcades down.

    Now, at college, absolutely no one here plays fighting games. They might play them, sure; but they don’t play to compete, and they don’t care very much. I actually did stop playing for about a year and a half, until fighting games with decent online netplay started to emerge.

    So, having a competitive fighting game on the Wii, in a sense, snubs the fans of the game who play competitively – an extremely large portion of the fanbase.

    Also, concerning the price drop…I’ve HEARD it was down to $200, but everywhere I’ve seen it in recent weeks (Target, K-Mart, Gamestop, F.Y.E) has it priced at $250 still.

  16. avatar Ivan

    One word: Monster Hunter Tri. That’s actually three words, but the reason why I bought Wii.

  17. avatar Jeff

    @Chris Carter

    There is no such thing as a good rail shooter…awful genre.

  18. avatar Scott

    Developers aren’t afraid of the Wii, it has inferior hardware which would actually mean it is easy to develop for, the hardcore games aren’t coming out for the Wii because that isnt the audience that Nintendo has geared the system for. The real console that a lot of developers are struggling with developing for is the Playstation 3, the hardware is so advanced that we are seeing some of the best looking games to ever come out (Uncharted 2) and they still haven’t reached the peak of what the console can actually do. That is also why a lot of multi-platform games are made on the 360 engine and seem a bit lackluster when they get ported 2 the Playstation 3, developers cant develop for the Playstation 3 first and then simply move the game over to the 360, and vice versa.

  19. i don’t think you can describe my points as trolling.

    you are right when you say that wii bashers frequently say the same things, it would be tiring to constantly hear

    e3 2008 was a shambles
    actual titles bomb on the wii
    it is not a next gen console
    nintendo care more about milking the casual market
    the lack of hd and achievements are off putting
    etc etc

    repetition though doesn’t make those things less true.

    Your article seems to me to want to rally against the fanboyism that you think causes this gaming rift between you and them. the trouble is that noone is having a go at the gamers on the wii, they are upset with Nintendo and the part of you that feels offended, cut off and the need to defend Nintendo is almost to same thing.

  20. @cynicalmonkey

    Well, lemme just say you are wrong. Maybe I’ll write a supplement article in the future.

  21. avatar lalala

    seriously simple. no body want to play things that your mum can play too. it just too uncool for most teenage gamers, too weird for older gamers (except occassional seasonal family gathering session), seriously even more weird to talk about at work between friends and the challenges are really not accurate to the demographic need of gamer. It have broaden itself too much so even though it easier to develop, to really identify your target market is insanely hard. Plus everyone have enough to hear Mario again and again, no matter how good it is. I know i am. Start having massive high quality project for new IP instead of reitaration of old one first, then other developer have confidence if blockbuster budget new IP really can sell in Nintendo system.

  22. avatar Shnazzyone

    Dang, I was just thinking of writing some sort of blog or something on this exact same topic. You sir have encapsulated my feelings about how the gaming culture has reguarded the wii. I find it infuriating to have to continually listen to the same tired “copy and paste” cover any legitimate discussion for wii. It feels like the whole year I couldn’t hear one new game being released for wii without hearing 10 or 20 ps360 whiners griping that it isn’t on their system. Then they still have the gall to come to any other wii news story and keep posting how the wii doesn’t have games.

    They can’t even open their eyes. I totally identify with how you feel in the disintrest for what ps360 offers. I have so much fun with my quirky wii games then i look at the next big thing for those systems and it’s either another 3rd person shooter with steroid driven main characters ripped straight from a b-list action movie or another FPS with it’s biggest hook being it’s online.

    I’m all for the story driven game as much as the next guy but c’mon how about a little more game to my game. Heavy Rain is by far going to put the nail in the coffin for me. Could not be any less interested in an choose your own adventure game with an adult plot. Which is the other good point you make. The best games don’t have to be mature…

    You know… i’m ranting.

    To sum up Great article man. Great read.

  23. @cynicalmonkey

    “It may seem that gamers and game designers have turned their back on the Wii but Nintendo drew first blood.”

    This is only the case because of the consumers. I have to agree with what Scott says above. Nintendo is extremely smart in everything they have done with the Wii thus far. Top notch “hardcore” titles have come and gone for the Wii. Hardcore gamers cry “we want games that are targeted for us,” and then they don’t buy them.

    If anyone is at fault for that it is the hardcore gamer for not embracing those titles that actually deserve their attention. Nintendo is concentrating on a majority of their user base which is smart business. Everything Nintendo has done with the Wii has been extreeeemely smart business (not many companies can sell us the same game 100 times and still make it enjoyable, fresh, and top 5 seller on NPDs).

    I own a Wii. Don’t play it much anymore. But that is simply because that spark has gone out for me. I first saw the potential of the Wii when I got it the weekend it came out and played it with everyone in my family over Thanksgiving. That multiplayer aspect of playing with people that aren’t necessarily gamers is phenomenal. So, for me, the Wii is a system I use randomly for multiplayer with friends and family. And that is enough for me. I am glad I have a Wii in those moments.

    Holding the Wii in the same light as the 360 and the PS3 simply isn’t fair. Yes, the Wii will lose in a majority of the comparisons. 360/PS3 battle for one target audience while Nintendo outright OWNS the majority of another target audience (which is substantially larger than the 360/PS3 audience). Again, smart business by Nintendo.

  24. @Jeff
    I agree that rail shooters are sub-par in general, but the Resident Evil titles have rock solid controls and an engaging story: they’re the best of the genre in my opinion.

  25. @tony

    can you say more than just you are wrong, especially as you don’t seem to want to say what i was wrong about and half of what i said are things nintendo themselves have admitted.


    i agree with you on a lot of that and fully understand why nintendo went that way. given a choice between a market they weren’t able to compete in or one that would make them a butt load of money they chose money. its the right business call and i am not pretending it isn’t.

    what i am getting at is games like madworld or dead space on the wii or gta china town wars on the ds have been critical success’s tro some degree yet commercial failures (dead space sold something like 7000 copies worldwide its week of release). this happened due to the market ninedo cultivated and has caused third party’s to not want to involve themselves that heavily with the wii. No one can be blamed for that aside from nintendo.

    for people that buy consoles you are right nintendo is not competing with sony and microsoft. For people who will buy a game a month or more they are.

    if somebody came to you and said

    ‘I am buying my first console, I am pretty much a sponge for games and enjoy all different types of gaming and can happily burn through 2 games a month. i am looking for a system where i can play all the big titles aswell as find those small gems of indie games from time to time, what would you recomend?’

    would you honestly hand on heart tell them to buy a wii?

  26. avatar oobob

    ‘I am buying my first console, I am pretty much a sponge for games and enjoy all different types of gaming and can happily burn through 2 games a month. i am looking for a system where i can play all the big titles aswell as find those small gems of indie games from time to time, what would you recomend?’

    would you honestly hand on heart tell them to buy a wii?”

    I stopped gaming at n64/ps1 till I got my wii. I love it. I have 43 wii games not counting wiiware/virtual console. As a result I bought a ps3. I have 5 ps3 games and want 4 more – all are fighting games, weird stuff like Lair, or ACII (I’m a native Italian and enjoy practicing the language). Here’s what I say:

    There are so many hidden and amazing wii games that you guys make me laugh. You don’t bother looking for something unique like Da Blob and then complain there are no games. You deserve to miss out on the wii.

    Miss the “big titles?” Like Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, or Metroid? Nintendo games are the biggest titles there are.

    You know who likes the wii? People who miss when video games didn’t try to emulate movies. I bought MGS4 cause I heard it was a “perfect game.” Turns out there was more cutscene than game and that was poorly written and cliched. When my brother just beat uncharted 2 we’d mock the game whenever it got to the cinematic experience. Playing big games for story is like saying you read Twilight so you’re literary.

    Suda’s best selling game ever is NMH. Hilarious that the “hardcore” ps2 crowd bought fewer copies of Suda’s killer7 than Petz: Horsez.

    Nintendo is competing with Sony or MS if anyone who bought a wii was looking at the other systems but got the wii instead. That’s by definition. And this obviously happens all the time. But by redefining the fight I guess it makes 2nd or 3rd place more bearable…

    “Top notch “hardcore” titles have come and gone for the Wii. Hardcore gamers cry “we want games that are targeted for us,” and then they don’t buy them.”

    Madworld is a 6 hour game that is repetitive for a beat em up, something I didn’t think was possible. The Conduit sold very well given the investment. COD sells 1m+. NMH is Suda’s best selling game ever. If you mention a rail shooter not selling I’m going to laugh at you. It doesn’t even consider that the 1m+ sold HOTD 2 and 3 Return and 300-400k sold of HOTD: Overkill is insane for what is essentially a niche arcade genre.

    No achievements are a deal breaker? That’s entirely peripheral to the gameplay. You’re all insane. I beat Time Crisis II in the arcade without getting hit. Know how I prove it? The crowd that gathers when I win.

    “Holding the Wii in the same light as the 360 and the PS3 simply isn’t fair. Yes, the Wii will lose in a majority of the comparisons. 360/PS3 battle for one target audience while Nintendo outright OWNS the majority of another target audience (which is substantially larger than the 360/PS3 audience). Again, smart business by Nintendo.”

    The audience is the same if any customer that got a wii bought it instead of a HD console….and we all know that’s happened many many times. You are all sheltered in snobby video game blogs if you don’t know someone who got a wii instead of an xbox or ps3.

    The wii doesn’t lose in many of the comparisons at all. My ps3 plays blueray and rare gems like littlebigplanet. My wii plays video games and dominates my time. If I wanted to watch a poorly written cutscenes I’d play the ps3 more. Or if I wanted to play a slightly updated Quake 3 or Counter-strike with horrible analog controls. But I don’t, so that’s why I’m playing New Super Mario Bros Wii/Metroid Prime Trilogy and thats why Assassin’s Creed 2 has to wait.

    HD consoles are widely known in PC circles as watered down computers with worse graphics and controls in the exact same FPS. Except it lacks mods and costs 10 dollars more. I have a computer science degree and most of us just laugh at you guys when you act snobbish about graphics on consoles and ignore the obvious comparison to PCs. The jump from console to PC is more than wii to HD console. The hot FPS on HD consoles don’t even natively run at 720p. Halo is 640p native and still lacks anti-aliasing! I can accept graphics whoring but not the arbitrary application of it.

  27. reading your response i find it hard to wonder why wii gamers feel disliked.

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  28. avatar oobob

    It’s obnoxious when people who don’t own wiis speak for us. Would you expect less when people say my console is for children?

  29. The comments in here are more exciting than the article. :P

    • avatar Keri

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  30. avatar Aaron

    @ cynical monkey & chris
    OK guys, I may be only 2 or so years out of college but one thing that I remember from my marketing class, DAY 1, is that you never allow the consumer to dictate the product! Of course people are going to point out the flaws of a system that they don’t like, but if your really going to start a viva la revolution over people not liking the Wii your just trying to stop one of the basic flaws in human nature. Jay and Silent Bob was one all xmas weekend, and in one part Ben Afflack’s character even points out that the internet is place for people to share the opinions anonymously with any repercussions. I’ve loved Nintendo since my 5th birthday when i opened up that brand new SNES, and I think that maybe, just maybe, Nintendo is literally going after those same people. Now at 24, I love my Wii because I can use my Wii fit when I’m too lazy to actually got to the gym, and I can play Zelda and the new Super Mario Bros. when im feeling nostalgic. But again, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe when whoever said at E3 ’08 that they were going after hardcore gamers, they meant hardcore Nintendoers (new word?). Maybe they’re going after people in their 20′s like me who when I was a kid loved my NES/SNES/N64, and they’re ok with that. But again, don’t hate the player, hate the game. People wanna talk smack because the Wii doesn’t have games you like, then don’t buy it. and Nintendo, you don’t like that gamers aren’t buying a Wii, then make games you think people will buy. But don’t get all worked up because people dont like something that you happen to like. you wanna sit for 8 hours straight in a COD:MW marathon then buy a XBOX360, you wanna workout for an hour and then play some old school games with a new look for an hour or 2, then buy a Wii. they’re just going after a different demographic, get over it.

  31. @aaron

    I am over it as that wasn’t really the point, different consoles have different demographics and thats fine. The article was about Tony feeling a little persecuted as a wii gamer, my response initially was to say that the negativity is not at the wii users but the nintendo and we have a little bit of valid reason to feel this way.

    the whole wii vs the world thing only came about from tony not accepting some facts and it went of topic.

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