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In case you missed it, Modern Warfare 2 features an infamous (optional) airport level that requires you to pose as a terrorist, and watch as your crew mows down innocent russian civilians. Matt Turner, producer of the Army of Two series, had this to say regarding the actions of his competitor’s studio:

“You’re playing a CIA agent, it’s designed to show the atrocities… it’s pretty awful and if you fail to see that side of it than you’re not getting the whole picture. That being said, I thought it took it a little far; it was pretty out there. But I like seeing that they have guts like that.”

The producer goes on to say “for me personally I think the alarm bells went off in a big way on that one because it was out of context. When the footage got leaked thousands upon thousands of people saw it on a clip not knowing what it was.”

Personally, I think the scene was not nearly gritty enough. All of the citizens felt like cardboard cutouts, there was hardly any blood, you were given the option to skip it, and you weren’t ever forced to fire your weapon until the police arrived. If movies (and even TV’s Dexter) are going to push this sort of atrocious, realistic demon-like behavior, video games should not be exempt as a medium. Baby steps, I suppose.

Read the entire interview here.

  1. I found most of MW2 to be clichéd nonsense to be honest.

    It’s more Rambo than Schindler’s List. Yet some seem to take it far more seriously than that.

  2. I’ll agree that the whole thing didn’t really seem to be all that bad–and I spent the whole time firing like an asshole. Maybe it was partially a matter of people talking it to death before release, and perhaps because I found the rest of the story to be sort of silly.

    Hell, there were plenty of moments in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that were way more understated than this yet far more disturbing.

  3. avatar randombullseye

    Compared to what I do on average in Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, Modern Warfare was nothing. Seriously how can we get in a tiff here when in the various other games I’ve relentlessly killed innocent people.

  4. These are the kind of pushes developers need to start making to help break the status quo of video game plots

  5. I thought the scene was a very important pat of the overall game experience. If anything I wuld say it wasn’t “gutsy” enough. The whole opting out option was such a pussy maneuver.

  6. avatar Jordan Garski

    This is EA-speak for “We wish we did it first”

  7. I’ll agree with you Shawn. It asked me far too many times if I wanted to play the mission, and even during it, I could choose to pause it and skip….

    But then where the heck would the story go? (not that it was even worth following anyway…but still…)

  8. I’d say gusty is reinventing a franchise to ride on the coat tails of another company’s success, screaming promises of usurping their reign of supremacy all along the way.

  9. I’ve got the same problem as you,

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