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Yesterday Capcom released some new details pertaining to Resident Evil 5‘s second batch of DLC.

Dubbed “Desperate Escape,” the second downloadable chapter has players taking control of Jill Valentine “recently freed of a mind control device” and BSAA agent Josh Stone. The DLC will take place during the main Resident Evil 5 campaign.
Desperate Escape will also add Josh Stone into the newly revamped ‘Mercenaries Reunion’ mode, which is include with purchase of any DLC.

Capcom also revealed that “Desperate Escape” will arrive on the Xbox 360 on March 3. PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait one day later to get their hands on the DLC.


  1. Would be far better if it was Joss Stone but never mind…

  2. LOL Joss Stone mmmmmmm…

    I saw RE5 for $12 on Target clearance. Still don’t care! Sorry Capcom. Make me a game that’s fun to control, however, and I’ll be all over it.

  3. RE5 is actually ridicilous fun to play with a friend on co-op, clearly Nick has no friends or he would have liked it.

  4. RE5 fails to even compare to any given co-op title. Playing RE5 felt too much like a predictable linear chore. I had more fun beating RE4 twice on Gamecube and five times on Wii than I did playing through RE5 once. El Gigante magically appearing out of nowhere in RE5? COME ON Capcom

  5. See, Ferahtsu knows what’s up. It’s not my friends’ fault that Capcom’s zombie games play like you’re controlling a person with a learning disability.

  6. avatar Indah

    gusgriz / just to let everyone know jhen deiljvho alatreon are gonna return and theres gonna be an ice agnaktor a silver uragan an electric gigginox a ice barroth, a sand barioth that can make a sand tornadobut dont worrytheres a new system where whenever a new monster appears it tells youand deiljvho is offiline but at the end of some quests he has some new moves and dragonblight is gone and i dont know but jhen might be offline

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