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Blizzard has been a heavy hitter this year, with the announcement of the latest expansion for World of Warcraft and development of Starcraft II and Diablo III chugging along, but perhaps the biggest news to come from the gaming giant was given by J. Allen Brack, who stated the company is definitely looking to return to the console market… “at some point.”

This might come as a shock to some fans, who’ve been convinced that Blizzard is against the console market since its last console game was released over nine years ago. However, this begs the question, just which game is Blizzard hoping to return to the market with?

Fans of StarCraft II might be disappointed to hear that Brack feels as though the game would be better on a PC than on a console, but then again, console RTS games are very hard to do right. This leaves Diablo III fans practically foaming at the mouth in hopes that the third installment of the game will be released on next gen consoles, just as the previous two were so many years ago.

Of course, Brack would give no definitive statement as to which game Blizzard plans on making their new console splash with, which leaves speculation abound amongst fans and critics alike.

  1. if they released the silvermoon city blood elf area as a stand alone xbox 360 game with the potential for 4 player online co-op, an instance or 2 thrown in and a slightly bigger ending i would totally buy it

  2. I’m still hoping that at some point Blizzard revives their plans to develop and release Starcraft: Ghost on the consoles. I think that game could be incredible if done right!

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Starcraft: Ghost would make an awesome fps title

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