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Oh, snap!  After being denied OFLC classification in Australia for their upcoming game Aliens vs. Predator, game developer Rebellion re-submitted it to the OFLC’s review board.  They had originally refused to censor the game, essentially guaranteeing that it would never see an Australian release if the appeal failed, which seemed incredibly likely.

The kicker: they actually won.  See what they had to say about it after the jump.

Darren Macbeth, Sega Australia’s general manager:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the success of our appeal. We are particularly proud that the game will be released in its original entirety, with no content altered or removed whatsoever. This is a big win for Australian gamers. We applaud the Classification Review Board on making a decision that clearly considers the context of the game, and is in line with the modern expectations of reasonable Australians.

The game will carry an MA15+ rating, the highest rating allowed in Australia under the current (broken) system.  Yay!  Maybe now Australia can get a patch to fix their castrated Left 4 Dead 2…?

Source: Kotaku

  1. I love the title for this article. This is a step in the right direction at least.

  2. I just wanted to say that for some reason, I associated the header picture of this article with being in Australia and thought, “Wow, it kind of looks like Australia sucks MORE these days.”

  3. Wouldn’t Australians be able to buy an uncensored ver. of L4D2 by putting down that they’re in the US on their Steam account?

  4. That’s incredible that the game won’t be altered in any way. How did this slip through the cracks but L4D2 could not?

  5. avatar Anth

    Awesome can’t wait 2 get it it should’ nt of got banned in the first place

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