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The latest update to Warhammer Online, patch 1.3.2, went live on the 30th of October. Previously, players would be limited to a ten day trial before their account would be locked, forcing them to either stop or pay to continue.

Although you are now able to play for an unlimited amount of time, characters are unable to move past tier one progression (level 1 – 10).  Therefore, what other unique updates has the game brought for its remaining fans?

The “New User Journey System” is playable with the new trial system. The system is designed to get more people playing Warhammer Online, making their first few hours of play a very pleasant experience.

Inclusive with this new experience are improved quest rewards, more visual tutorials, and minor improvements that help players feel more welcome. If you are interested in the new system’s Mythic Entertainment have added to WO, you can sign up to test the trial here.

You can also read the full patch notes in the latest Warhammer Newsletter.

  1. Maybe the population is higher now that they closed all those servers. I might jump back in

  2. I’m sure the population is higher with everyone filtered onto just a few servers. But this is no different than what CrimeCraft did when they found out their game wasn’t as appealing as they thought it was.

    I have a feeling this one will go down the drain just like Tabula Rasa, soon enough. I’ve been waiting for Age of Conan to announce it’s closing its doors, too.

  3. avatar lama

    free unlimited trial- good and bad

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