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The spookiest time of the year has once again been and gone. At sunset on the eve of All Hallows, doorstep-bothering infants thronged into the streets in search of treats in all manner of ghoulish guises. But why stop just yet!? As Gamer Limit’s Alex Yue and Shawn Evans reported this week, our favorite characters and mascots from the eclectic world of gaming are a popular target for some inventive, and often somewhat eccentric, ensembles.

And all of this clever costumery got me thinking that we are in need of a tribute to those of you with the sheer love of, and dedication towards, your favorite games that you feel it’s appropriate to dress up like them.

So I decided to have a nosey round the ol’ Internet to investigate the weird, wacky and downright wonderful world of video game-based apparel. What quickly became apparent is that, whilst there are some brilliant efforts out there, there are some that are bad.

Hilariously bad.

So, I bring you my pick* of some of the best and worst video game costumes from around the world… and don’t forget, Alex Yue would like to see your own inventive costume efforts, so send them to for a potential upcoming feature!

*This is not a definitive list and is in no particular order, fanfolk!

The Good:

Okay, so this isn’t the neatest of outfits, but it is comically ingenious. Plus, if you need to disappear in an instant you can simply kneel down and become practically invisible!

01 box GOOD

I love the way this outfit requires collaborative effort. The trouble is, if they stand in a synchronised line they run the risk of disappearing!

02 tetris outfit GOOD

There are a lot of Mega Man outfits out there, but this one is easily the best example. Mainly because of the adorably accurate proportions! The glowing mega blaster is the pièce de résistance!

03 megaman GOOD

Judging by the sheer number of people who delight in dressing up as characters from the game, it’s clear that I’m not alone in thinking that Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest titles of all time. Plus, Vincent is just so damn cool!

04 cloud GOOD

vincent valentine

This is an impressively accurate rendition of Soul Calibur’s Nightmare (apart from the lack of enormousness, obviously). The lifelike soul edge, complete with the scary eye, makes it all the more impressive!

05 Nightmare GOOD

Here is another Soul Calibur effort, which is equally as impressive, but with slightly more sex appeal. Only slightly, mind.

06 Ivy GOOD

Okay, so there are a number of more accurate Big Daddy outfits out there, but this one scores kudos for the frankly chilling incorporation of his daughter as Little Sister!

One of my favorite games and one of the funniest outfits, I love this combined Day of the Tentacle effort and take on one of the classics. The inclusion of the legendary Hoagie would have been the icing on the cake!

08 day of tentacle laverne and bernard GOOD

This Gears of War costume is simply brilliant. The good news is you can buy a 1:1 scale version of it for yourself from Nightmare Armor Studios! The bad news is it will likely set you back around five thousand big ones (it is not yet priced, but this is the cost of similar models)!

09 gow-1 GOOD 2

Believe it or not, this isn’t a shot from the forthcoming movie! Granted, the costume probably wasn’t made in some kid’s bedroom using toilet roll tubes and sticky back plastic, but you have to admire the realism, accuracy and craftsmanship that has gone into such a magnificent costume. Simply incredible!

10 master-chief awesome GOOD 1

The Bad and the Ugly:

This shoddy collection of Mario and pals actually made me laugh, but the outfits look like they took about 4 minutes to make!

11 mariopals bad BAD 06

Being enormous is clearly a prerequisite for this Street Fighter costume to work, so all credit to a man who can laugh at himself! But then again, it is just a fat man in war paint. Mind you, try telling that to E Honda!

12 e_honda_street_fighter BAD 9

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this Bowser number strikes me as a little bit sad. Maybe it’s the psychedelic wig! Or maybe it’s the drab décor…

13 bowser BAD 10

Now this ‘costume’ is just awful. It looks like Pikachu and a goldfish have spawned a miserable offspring, which has then been run over!

14 pikachu_costume BAD 7

Mario and his pals are inevitably a popular target for costume capers, but this Princess Peach ‘effort’ is by far the worst! Rotund lady or man in drag? Your guess is as good as mine!

15 fat princess BAD 8

Okay, so these aren’t strictly gaming outfits, but having appeared in a multitude of Star Wars video games throughout the years, I feel they’re a justified addition. Plus they’re hilariously terrible!

16 star wars BAD 5

Fat men in lazy drag and Team Rocket are off the annoyance scale, so the collision of the two can only produce one of the worst gaming outfits imaginable!

17 TEAM rocket BAD 4

In case you can’t tell (which is likely), this hilariously tragic costume is a ‘replica’ of the legendary Master Chief! It looks like it has the mobility of Stephen Hawking with a puncture, but I do quite like the funky razor blade and Space Invaders decals!

18 worst haloBAD 3

What do you get if you combine a blue balaclava, T-shirt, jeans and some triangular cardboard? Well, it certainly isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog, that’s for sure! This happy chap looks more like he’s going to rob a smurf’s bank than achieve the speed of sound!

19 sonic terrible BAD 2

It’s not often I laugh as profusely as I did when I first saw this video, but the sheer effort and dedication this time-abundant child has put into these hollow creations warrants him a little recognition even if it is for all the wrong reasons!

A popular character choice amongst costume creationists the world over, it seems quite poignant that Master Chief features as one of the best and worst efforts. This kid has already carved quite an infamous name for himself across the Internet with his bizarre (and weirdly impressive) productions, but then everyone needs a hobby!


    Does anyone else think that C-3PO looks like Flava Flav? His round part on his belly just needs to look a little more like a clock. He even has the right pose! Just imagine a British, “YEEEEAAAAAHHHH BOOOOOYYYYYYEEEEEEE!” It’d be great.

  2. Haha that Master Chief kid CANNOT be serious!? He’s teabagging air!

    Reminds me of George Michael in Arrested Development. Someone’s not getting laid any time soon.

  3. Baha…. cheers for the write up. Thought the Pikachu was my favourite but now it’s too hard to choose.

  4. WOW! The bad were REALLY REALLY bad. The good were incredible though.

    • avatar Rafael

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  5. I think the box from Metal Gear Solid has to be the winner for me LOL genius.

    Although i do quite like the Ivy costume…

    • avatar Joe

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  6. avatar Chris Graham

    I give sonic 10 out of 10 for effort but thats it, my favorites would be halo and G.O.W.
    I really want them! Just not that much that I would replicate them from cardboard..

    Ps that kid has all the halo movements down to a T, even when he isn’t trying to do it.
    Im sure I saw that kid strafe through a door then jump 20 foot into the air!

    • avatar Anonymous

      fuckin’ costumes

    • avatar Ilham

      I also had a cat growing up (Seymour) that would let me dress him up in anhtying. Even pants, as long as I cut a tail hole. And he would let me put him in a stroller and wheel him around in his baby outfits. I think I used my doll clothes on him more than on my dolls! Of course, I was cross-dressing him, so that may have been a little mean :p ]]>

  7. That GOW, Halo and Tetris costumes were brilliant, I really commend the effort put in there. Just as Shawn said though, the bad was incredibly bad.

  8. Good cosplay was good. That bad cosplay… was as expected but that Bowser is seriously creeping me out.

  9. avatar Kid With Hat

    Holy frucking shiet!
    Cloud, Nightmare and the Halo dudes were of the hook. Oh and Gears of war was also pretty damn amazing! only prob I could find was with Cloud. All he needs to do is to shave. other than that, super. btw soul calibur 4 broad… what can I say but HOLY SHIET!!!

  10. avatar O.0

    I always thought Ivy was kinda hot.

  11. avatar niggafart1

    You nigas is gay

  12. avatar Anonymous

    I feel like some of those were meant to be bad.

  13. avatar piglet

    The TOTT cosplay is the awesomesest!

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