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True story: yesterday I spent all day constantly refreshing the Sony Store just to find the free Uncharted 2 map. Come to find out, it’s a live update applied through the actual game!

Dubbed “The Fort”, Sony notes that “it’s a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes.” You’ll also earn double cash just for playing this weekend, so hop to it. Uncharted 2 shouldn’t be out of your PS3 anyway.

  1. Egh, makes me really hate how Microsoft treats their MS points for games and DLC. So much stuff on the marketplace that developers originally intended to put out for free but MS stepped in and made them put a price on it. Braid was originally going to be 800 points but against Jon Blow’s wishes they hitched it up to 1200 points to experiment with whether or not users would buy marketplace games at that price, and now it’s becoming the standard. Not very cool at all, hope that they’ll learn in the future and change the system a bit.

  2. I really hope Naughty Dog continues to support their game with free DLC. I would love to see some new co-op maps. I would probably even pay for them honestly.

  3. oooo, looks like a sweet map! I’ll be tryin’ that one out later =)

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