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[Hello and welcome to another delicious edition of The Week in News, your reliable resource of gratifying gaming news brought to you by Gamer Limit.]

A thousand apologies are in order for the sinful absence of The Week in News last week, but there is an explanation: there was no news. Well, the reality was that some certain staff members were far too busy having fun and frolics at iDEF and Eurogamer to report on anything worthwhile last week, but how and ever.

But fear not however, as normal service has now been resumed – read on for this week’s scathing news roundup. It is your destiny.

Modern Warfare 2 is shaping up to be not only one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated games, but also one of the most controversial. First it managed to rile PC gamers with its lack of dedicated servers and then it was revealed that the game will act as a training ground for aspiring terrorists, or at least that’s what Jack Thompson will undoubtedly proclaim.  But then it committed the most heinous crime of all – PC buyers will have to endure being chained to that most loveable of clients, Steam. This in turn enraged digital distributors Direct2Drive and GamesGate, who refused to even stock the game. Ooo controversy!

All was forgiven however after Infinity Ward delivered a delicious new trailer, which was, predictably, a glorious spectacle of things blowing up and husky Americans shouting a lot. Oh, and infernal rap music courtesy of Eminem.

Also, in an earth shatteringly surprising announcement, Call of Duty won’t be settling down for retirement any time soon, and neither will Guitar Hero, shamefully. The same couldn’t be said for LittleBigPlanet, however, but I for one must praise Media Molecule for favouring quality over quantity unlike some developers.

Speaking of which, Guitar Hero’s estranged cousin DJ Hero failed to persuade the usually willing UK crowd to part with their cash, resulting in a disastrous performance in the charts. Is this a sign that the current fashion trend of plastic instruments is starting to phase out? Well, apparently not, since Actvision have already filed their next tactic to incessantly rip you off with Drum Hero. What’s next? Harmonica Hero? Or perhaps a game that will actually teach you how to play a legitimate instrument? How perverse such an idea would be – the plastic peripherals shall always prevail.

Elsewhere, the president of Nintendo voiced his displeasure over the rousing debate of digital distribution by stating that, in a world of iPhones and internets, it will take 20 years before it achieves world domination. RedLynx proved they are more in touch with the modern world however, spitting in the faces of feckless pirates by playing a commendable practical joke that involved pirating their own game. The payoff? Gleeful geeks ended up with a game devoid of leader boards, thus proving that RedLynxe have cold and vengeful hearts.

I must admit that I don’t hold myself as a particular fan of fighting games, but even I am becoming strangely attracted to Street Fighter 4. And now it’s going to include archaic bonus stages that involve wrecking cars, so how could I resist? Another thing I will admit to is that I am a complete sucker for collectibles and limited editions, and Mass Effect 2 is the latest to be bundled in a glossy “limited edition” tin. And no, before you ask, I’m not quite mad enough to contemplate buying the coveted edition of Modern Warfare 2 for a pair of useless night vision goggles.

It’s trailer time again, and this week we were treated with a glimpse of the new belated Prince of Persia film and a potential sleeper hit with Darksiders. And then we were introduced to this little monstrosity, only on Nintendo Wii of course. I’m talking about Wiiwaa, an evil puppet that seemingly teaches puny children it’s OK to shove their Wii-mote down their throats.

And finally

Have you ever wanted to witness our resident Simon Jones dance like a buffoon? Why of course you have.

That’s all folks! As always, be sure to show your love for Gamer Limit by starting your own blog with us and we shall reward you with copious gifts.

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