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Here at Gamer Limit, we don’t discriminate against humor and video games.  In fact, we welcome both with open arms and a caring heart.  As a result, we are always on the prowl for the funniest and the most outstanding video clips that we can share with our fans.

Well today, the guys over at brought both: humor and games, to our doorstep in tandem.  They’ve been hard at work trying to develop a film for The Sims game, and effort like that will not go unnoticed.  For an outstanding trailer, please read on.

The sad thing is that this two minute short looks more entertaining than any other video game film ever to be released.  What’s more striking is that it’s based on a game with no storyline.  Maybe that’s the key?


  1. That was hilarious, but there is meant to be a proper Sims movie to be released…in 2012, according to IMDB.

  2. LOL I love CH, their shorts are always great

  3. That is plain genius hahaha! College Humour definitely do some funny stuff.

  4. That was well put together and had a lot of Sims references… but it didn’t even make me crack a smile. Maybe I’m jaded by Internet humor. :(

  5. @Nick
    I’m with ya there. Good video and all, amusing even. Maybe it’s the fact that these references are ten years old. Rather bold claim to state this being the most entertaining video game film. Try this Half Life 2 video, I’m gonna go ahead and assume Curtiz has yet to see it.

    there’s also a part 2 follow up

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