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MW2 Launch Trailer

Spending the minute and thirty-two seconds it will take to watch this Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer will change your life forever.  All those reservations you might have had about purchasing the game will fade away as your senses are bombarded with some of the most intense looking gameplay to ever grace a game console.

I honestly don’t understand how anyone can’t be excited about this game.  It’s the sequel to one of the best selling and best reviewed console games of this generation, and there’s still so much that’s not even known about it.  It also has a huge amount of controversy surrounding it right now.  What is there not to love about it?

Modern Warfare 2 releases November 10, 2009 for the PS3, Xbox 360,and PC.

  1. avatar Darko

    My only problem is that Dragon Age just came out. If I buy this, I wont beat DA for a long time!

    • avatar Nishihama

      fattybangbang August 28, 2009I am probably the oledst person who comments on this blog, and as such yes. I have seen The Stuff. Late night cable in the 80 s was crazy and this movie is crazy. And I can confirm that it is indeed, terrible.

  2. Ah damn, now I need to change my boxers again.

  3. I’m excited, but still annoyed at the price in the UK.

  4. Also have you seen the hate it’s getting at N4G? 204 comments on a IGN review (could be fake) but most of the comments are hating on the game.

  5. @ Austin

    I’ve fixed that my never EVER going on N4G again.

    This trailer is incredible though. Going to look great thorough my night vision goggles on Monday night

  6. Haha, you’re such a fanboy Shawn ;D

    The game looks gorgeous, can’t wait.

  7. avatar J_Q

    Disappointing trailer is disappointing.

  8. Last time I saw something this groundbreaking in the field of FPS was the trailer to CoD 4

  9. Gotta love ‘Til I Collapse by Eminem, what a classic song.

  10. avatar Da1rocky

    Wow…that was an epic trailer…Jeff your right man, that is one of my favorite songs by him. Epic song to epic game. Nice.

  11. avatar eddy c

    My copy came a day early and the campaign is wicked. I wont reveal anything but seriously the game will blow you away!

  12. avatar Brain Brands

    Many thanks for this put up! Some actually inspriational designs here. LC

  13. avatar Werner Youssefi

    The Pontiac seems to be to be a low option car no a/c, manual windows, no tilt, no cruise and a AM only radio. Things like this utilized to be oh-so common but rarely noticed today.

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