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We’ve been gone for a while, but the LimitDown has returned; now with extra Australian* flavours and preservatives.

The original circus performers; James Pinnell and Colin Robinson, have decided to share their beer cache with Simon Jones, producing what can be only described as a dynamic trio.

Our revival episode covers our adventures to eGames 2009, or, more specifically, “Ubisoft Alive ’09!”. We discuss our hands-on impressions regarding a bunch of upcoming releases including Assassins Creed 2, Avatar, Red Steel 2 and… Just Dance? Hmm.

Being our the debut of our redux, it’s a little rough, a little tumble. Let us know what you thought!


  1. Bloody Jim and his antennas.


  2. Put another shrimp on the barbie!

  3. Simon sounds like a Beatle. BUT WHICH ONE?

  4. “iDEF: Where the boozing was more fun than the expo!”

    Simon, you sounded exactly the way I felt on the Saturday: In need of another drink :)

  5. Fellas, I am kinda glad I didn’t take part in the original recording at 5am.

    You boys repp’d your homestates, that’s for sure.

  6. avatar Maya

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