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Yesterday publisher Square Enix revealed the release date for the mech-tastic RTS Supreme Commander 2. Developed by Gas Powered Games, the sequel is slated to arrive on the PC on March 2. The Xbox 360 version will arrive a few days later on March 16.

According to Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor, “The partnership with Square Enix has been a highlight of my career. I couldn’t be more proud of what the team has accomplished, as the game has continually exceeded all of my expectations throughout its development.

In addition to this news, Square Enix released some new in-game footage. To check it out, hit the jump.


  1. Love Chris Taylor! I’ve been folowing his games since TA (Total Annihilation). Supreme Commander was TA with better units and crazy graphics, I can’t wait for SupCom2.

  2. That was a pretty sweet video. I doubt I’ll play this game though. I’m stearing clear of the RTS genre until Starcraft 2 comes out.

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