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Modern Warfare 2 Steam Date

As I reported last week, the release of the Steam version of Modern Warfare 2 was originally pushed back to November 13th, three days after the rest of the world.   Well, for those of us who have been waiting in agony the last 24+ hours as our friends have basked in the greatness that is Infinity Ward’s latest masterpiece, the wait will soon be over.

It appears that Valve has moved the release date up a full day to midnight EST tonight. That’s right boys and girls, the time to kick some terrorist ass using a mouse and keyboard will soon be upon us.  Make sure you have the game preloaded though so you can immediately begin your reign of terror when midnight arrives.


  1. It’s amazing how the street dates for this game have been broken globally. Gamespot basically said screw it after so many small retailers broke the date and broke it themselves… don’t think there’s ever been a game that has inspired this kind of madness before at release.

  2. There were like 300 people at the midnight release of the game here in CT. The last wow expansion only had about a quarter of the crowd when I went there for that midnight release. Granted this game is cross platform, but damn! I know there were many retailers selling this game on the 10th. My brother went to a walmart release and so many people showed up he had to wait till the morning and grab his from best buy when they opened.

  3. It’s midnight …. and the game won’t load because all the dcryption servers are maxed out. :-(

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