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Today publisher Atari announced that Cryptic Studios’ upcoming MMO Star Trek Online will hit North America on February 2.

According to Jim Wilson, CEO of Atari: “Star Trek Online is poised to become the ultimate Star Trek gaming experience. Throughout the last four decades, Star Trek has been a mainstay in pop culture, influencing legions of fans through television, film, and more. Star Trek Online opens a whole new chapter and expands upon this incredible universe in 2010.”

While I may not be the biggest Star Trek fan, much to the dismay of my girlfriend, I am interested in seeing how popular the game will be. In the past we’ve MMOs with big franchises tacked on to them like Star Wars Galaxies and Lord of the Rings Online. The thing is, these games tend to fall off the map after a few months. I am wondering if the hard core Star Trek fan base will be able to sustain this game, and for how long.

Do any of you guys plan on jumping into Star Trek universe? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. I don’t have any plans to play a Star Trek MMO, although that would be pretty interesting…Actually, I just wanted to say that your caption was epic.

  2. From what I’ve read about the game it doesn’t seem to have nearly as much depth as any of the other struggling MMO’s out there:

    Considering these lacked the player base or depth to compete with WoW and STO looks to have even less……

  3. I bet in 5 years there will still be a hardcore fan base of around 250,000 people playing this game.

  4. avatar Wilan

    I think the gameplay could be interesting… but will have to wait and see.

  5. I just don’t think it’ll compare to other MMOs, sadly…

  6. I wouldn’t mind trying it out but college stops me from getting too attached to MMOs. I yearn for the days of all day/night gaming again.

  7. How have I not heard about this? Looks pretty cool, but I’m assuming it will, as you say, fall off the map after a few months.

  8. avatar Jazzman

    This can be interesting, but knowing star trek, it’s kind of limited. It takes a very long time for humans to become adept at using warp technogies to go inbetween planets quickly (USS NX-01 Enterprise) and even longer to reach warp 7.

    So if you expect smooth leveling, don’t. Expect to be a warp 2 space boomer for a LONG time. Considering how slow moving <5 warp engines are and how long and expensive the technology is to make… Oh god. GRINDING TIME!

  9. I won’t be playing this game not even if it was for free. I’ve just never liked Star Trek and I doubt i’d enjoy a game based on Star Trek.

    • avatar Dana

      Thanks for the note Ray. I loved all your Interbike coverage. Despite fnwoolilg your blog since nearly the beginning I didn’t really realize how huge it has become in the running/cycling/fitness tech scene until the last couple months, but needless to say I think it’s awesome.

  10. avatar Hey...

    Don’t you mean… beams DOWN?

    • avatar Qazxc

      eu tenho D S 9 1aa 2aa3aa dublada next geoeretinn dublada da 1aa ate a 7aa e voyager 1aa a 3aa dubladamonk 1 ate 8 sf3 ne3o sei como colocar na internet se algue9m puder me ajudar ensinado a colocar.

  11. @ Jimmy, I have never been a fan of Star Trek either. I am going to give this a shot (if it’s cheap), just to see how it plays.

    You never know, it could be a fairly decent game, only time will tell.

  12. avatar doser

    lol what u on about Jazzman… basically all Federation Ships can do like Warp 8 to 10.

    Enterprise and the Warp 5 NX-01 is 200 years before Star Trek Online.

  13. avatar Rosita

    Bonedead, nope, hadn’t seen that. I sometimes am frtsartued by the really poor quality of story in MMO’s I’m not even really looking for high-quality entertainment. I just dislike it when the author is obviously phoning it in!Babs it can’t hurt :) I’m sure there’s a lot that your designers can do without spending a whole lot more time than they have available. Interesting characters that we care about, that’d go a huge way (not that I’ve seen that in pretty much any MMO )Tzing: yeah, you’re right. The more well-defined the story property is, the less the designers should have to work. If they go too far, then they’ll just mess things up! But they still need to be entertaining!

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