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titleNow that the November rush is beginning to slow down, and the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner, developers and publishers around the globe are preparing themselves for the rightful ascension into video game stardom.  To kick it off, Spike TV will be broadcasting its 2009 Video Game Awards  show on December 12.

Aside from the red carpet event, gamers have something more important to tune into: 2010 video game teasers.  Read on to get the shimmy on some of the trailers.

Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009 airs on Saturday December 12.

  1. This is sort of like the Oscars. I know I shouldn’t watch it or take it seriously, yet I can’t look away.

  2. I still remember the bad taste in my mouth after watching the very first one, and I never went back. First award… Game of the Year. Madden. What? Guess I don’t need to watch the rest of the show now…

  3. After the travesty that was last year’s show, I refuse to watch it this year. It’s an embarrassment for the entire video game industry in my opinion

  4. It’s already been said but the actual awards show is terrible, I’ll watch it for the new game reveals though.

  5. avatar Ferahtsu

    The first annual VGA was enough to deter me forever

  6. avatar Atomsk91

    Will there be any way to watch the show online live?

  7. avatar Klarisa

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  8. avatar Thida

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