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Xbox fanboys rejoice! A common quibble between our favourite rival consoles has always been the ongoing debate of free PSN versus subscription based Xbox Live online services, but now it seems that Sony will also be plummeting down the subscription route in 2010.

In this case however, you will still be able to play games online free of charge, so the Xbox fanboys can hush afterall. So what exactly is Sony planning?

Fresh from an official Sony presentation, details have emerged that the corporate giant is planning a “new revenue stream from subscription” in 2010 in the form of a new paid subscription service. “We will be building upon our current free [PSN] service offering with premium content and services to start the subscription model,” Kaz Hirai stated. “SCE will further increase sales by offering users new entertainment through the combination of hardware, software, peripheral, and PlayStation Network.”  Fortunately, none of the PSN’s currently free perks will be sacrificed.

It has since been revealed that this move is part of a far larger project involving a uniform online service for all Sony network media products. Tentatively dubbed as Sony Online Service (SOS), Sony are so confident about the platform that they feel it has the potential to rival iTunes. It was also said that SOS will run from a single user ID across media devices such as HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, laptops, Readers MP3 players and of course consoles, with the PSN being used as the foundational structure.

Quite what this will fully entail and whether or not Sony’s bold claims are justified remains to be seen, but this is nonetheless an intriguing announcement.

Source: Gamespot

  1. As long as they aren’t charging for online play, I don’t have much of a problem with this. Take a leave out of Sony’s book, Microsoft.

  2. This will be interesting and something i’ll definitely keep a watch over. However, when they say hdtvs and blu-ray players do they mean sony only hdtvs and blu-ray players and mp3 players?

  3. I’d say so Jimmy, it would be difficult to get other brands to sign on to Sony’s system.

  4. avatar ...

    “[UPDATE] Kaz Hirai confirms premium level will be added on top of PS3 and PSP’s online service, which will remain free to play online; PSN revenue expected to hit $563 million this fiscal year.”
    note the free online play.

  5. I’m really skeptical about this to be honest with you. I have this feeling that there are some things that are free now, which won’t be in the future.

  6. stop scaring me with these misleading headlines!

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