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MW2Not so long ago, there was a small amount of uproar surrounding the UK price point of Activision’s imminent success Modern Warfare 2. However, all is not doom and gloom over in these sunny shores as Sainsbury’s step in offering a somewhat ludicrous price. That’s right, £26 for a potential game of the year.

A similar move was taken by supermarkets with the release of Fifa 10, earlier in the year. Can supermarkets actually make a profit from these tactics? Does that fact matter as you’ve already stopped reading to rush out and buy this game, or are merely nodding to yourself thinking “those crazy Englanders!”

  1. Awesome, I am going to Sainsbury’s later, that will be on my list! :)

    Thanks for the info, Paul.

  2. avatar Shaun Scott

    Does anyone know what time Sainsburys shut tonight? Is it 11pm? So this means it won’t be on sale till the morning?

  3. avatar georgie boy

    just wondering apparently its 24hrs on a monday but will they have it on sale at 12pm?

  4. avatar richie...

    I work for sainsburys,it will be on sale in some of the larger stores which open 24hrs at midnight,however at that time of night the entertainment cages are locked and not opened until 7am at the earliest.So only a limited number will reach the shelf,and them copies will probably get snapped up by the staff,i recomend you get up nice and early and get there for 7am and get it then.Plus a little tip which you never heared from me! if they dont have it at that time of day complain at customer service and say ”its just not good enough!” they may give you a £10 voucher to spend instore. Modern Warfare 2 for £16 then! (but like i say, i never told you that) Happy Gaming!!

  5. avatar georgie boy

    cheers richie

  6. avatar JayAye

    Is the PC DVD version also £26?

  7. avatar DoN

    Will it be available online?

  8. I read this as “Salisbury” selling Modern Warfare 2. Silly American!

  9. avatar Joe

    I had read that most of the offers the supermarkets are doing on it will only be in store. It says on the Guardian website that all formats will be £26, also dont think it says this anywhere on here that its limited to 1 per customer.

  10. avatar henners

    richie i live in bristol do u think i can get a copy of modern warfare 2

  11. avatar JD

    i live in bristol too. gonna check filton branch

  12. avatar JD

    filton is open 7am tuesday, “emersons maybe” the lady said

  13. avatar Gen

    Thanks for the info might get it 2morrow

  14. avatar richie...

    henners…. Yes more than likely but like i say it will most probably be best to go in at 7am if u can as they will sell out very quick,also the bigger the store the more chance you will have of getting it,if you can wait a few days then you will stand a better chance too as the mad rush for it would have cooled down by then. and as for 1 copy per person,whats to stop you going through the checkout twice??

  15. avatar Matt

    Just saw the advert on the telly after buying it on Amazon for £43, I kicked myself so hard it’s untrue. Still, i can’t imagine it being at £26 for long, probably just while stocks last.

  16. avatar dan

    its only up until the morning then prices go back up in the early hours

  17. avatar foggy52

    my one opens at 7 am so im heading down there about 5 am do you think thats anuff time ?

  18. avatar RsM


  19. avatar DoN

    The offer is until the 15th of November …. Just saw the ad!

  20. avatar Joe

    Thats not true bout the price going up, it isnt a limited offer, it says on the internet, there doing it to get people into store, for a supermarket its nothing taking a loss on them from what it can make from getting people into the store

  21. avatar Harry

    Sainsbury’s are only opening 5 stores at midnight to sell the game but all stores will apparently be selling it at £26. These 5 stores are Dulwich, Harringay, Forestside, London Colney and Greenwich.

    Hope this helps.

  22. avatar foggy52

    yeah but there opening at 7 am as well were i am to sell it at 16 pound iv rang them up soooooooooooo there for im capming out coz probs be soud out by 7.30

  23. avatar JP

    my mate is going to pick it up for me, I’m studying at the moment so I said I’d buy it and lend it too him till early december so he has offer to go pick it up midnight from one of the London stores, awesome mate. I’m sure he’ll pick up a copy for himself when I ask for mine back. Who’s going to give up having COD4:MW2 in the games library… I never thought I’d say this but, Sainsbury’s you ROCK!!!

  24. avatar foggy52

    #@$% yeah jp and lucky your buy london or you mate is im geting in line at 5 am as they open 7 am here

    anyone no if the ads on youtube yet need to see it

  25. avatar JD

    I wonder how the postal strike will effect mail orders for MW2? I guess the internet hasn’t killed high street shopping yet.

    • avatar Matheus

      I’m glad to hear that the first countries in Europe are giettng that service as well.The question I have: Is there a roadmap for the future rollout of that service? Which country is queued next?

    • avatar Open

      Hi i have been hgv driver for 30 years and there are no less acindects now with lorrys, the vehicles of today have much better brakes and other safty equipment why limit them to a snails pace,it is frustrating on the motorway ,it causes many tail backs where lorrys try to pass each other ,most hgv drivers are very safe and know the limits of their lorrys ,it would be nice to have that little bit more speed to enable safe overtaking,are they going to limit cars and motorcycles to 65mph !!i dont thick so ,so why pick on truckers

  26. avatar Master Pants

    merely nodding to myself thinking “those crazy Brits!”

  27. @ Chris Carter
    I read it that way through the entire article…not realizing my mistake until your comment!!

    Wow…that’s embarrassing…

  28. avatar Jon

    the retail price for this game in england is £55 pounds, in dollars that is $92!

  29. avatar kiran

    hi yeah thanks paul mum gettin it wen she goes work discount :D :D

  30. avatar marko

    cannot wait, i’ll be fending off the competition at the doors of sainsburys 2moro morning!!! get outta my f**ckin waaaaay!!! haha

  31. avatar Yo

    Well guys, don’t you think if they can get people to shop in their store rather than Tesco/Asda/Morrisons etc., that they will make more profit that week.

  32. avatar Jason

    Big W in Australia is selling it for $78 too, much much much cheaper then RRP.

  33. avatar Anonymous

    Sainsbury’s selling Modern Warfare 2 for £26

    People have not realised on ebay and paying around £40.00

  34. avatar Nem

    Just bought it for £26!!! what a bargain!

  35. I sent my dad in this morning on his way to work and he managed to pick up a copy.

  36. avatar Geordie

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone managed to grab a PC-DVD version for £26 near the Bradford/Leeds area?



  37. avatar richie...

    my sainsburys sold 4000 copies in 2 hours this morning and i was one of the lucky ones to get it.ive started playing it and well what can i say?? top banana!!!!

  38. avatar richie...

    my mrs is now a COD Widow!!! sorry love…

  39. avatar Will

    How long will the offer stand for? I heard it was one day or something

  40. avatar arran

    they have non in stock anywhere ive tried liverpool all the way to bradford

  41. avatar arran

    to many people go for it

  42. avatar arran

    people need to stop rushing

  43. avatar azza

    its boring anyway

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