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Legend of Zelda

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After last week’s reminder of that ghastly creation known only as the Sega Activator, we here at Gamer Limit feel that it is only fair to offer you a more elegant advertisement this week.

Hit the jump, and step back in time with one of the original (and apparently banned) TV spots for The Legend of Zelda.

And who said gamers weren’t cool?

Now, don’t tell us that those weren’t the best thirty seconds you’ve spent all day. An all-singing, all-dancing Zelda commercial starring a young Colonel Sanders? Time well spent, we’d say.

  1. LOL totally RAD man. The comment at the end made me laugh: “Your parents help you hook it up”. That means something different in this day in age, though I guess if your parents bought you one back in the day you did get hooked up :)

  2. Lol, I agree with Komplex with the comment at the end. The whole commercial though, I was thinking “What are these guys doing now?”. Maybe they’re bums on the street.

    Either way, I can’t wait to get a hold of the awesome graphics on this game… again… Where’d I put it? Maybe I’ll have to use a Rom instead.

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  3. A man I gotta go out for a copy of Nintendo Newsletter

  4. What marketing team thought this add was a good idea? That was painful to watch!

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