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Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal isn’t the first product to offer the capability of using your entire body as the game controller.  Believe it or not, Sega attempted this way back in the Genesis/Mega Drive days… with the Sega Activator.

The Activator was an octagonal ring that assembled on the floor around your body, and shot lasers straight up towards the ceiling.  Break the beam, and your onscreen character would react accordingly.  Punch high, and your character would punch high.  Kick, and your character would kick.

Of course, it was only compatible with a handful of games, barely worked the way it claimed to, and carried an $80 price tag.  It was an epic failure.  Will history repeat itself when Natal hits the market, or have we come a long way, baby?

Check out this 90s-tastic “training video” to see what it was all about, and also to realize that you would never, ever buy one of these things.

  1. That video is chock-full of hilarity. Not to mention the kickass sound effects!

  2. Wow. I hazily remember this. I’m glad I didn’t get this… but I do own the Nintendo Power Glove.

    • avatar Rahul

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  3. takes up so much room you’ll have to rotate your tube tv! WHOA!!!

  4. Heh, I like the “you may have to cut it some slack” line. It’s as if they knew it was crappy and doomed to fail from the start.

    • avatar Valentina

      Man, that rmidnes me of when I bought it. I checked and called just about every game-selling store within 30 min. from my house, and only one Wal-Mart had it.

  5. @Attilazilla

    That is inexcusable :D

    • avatar Sharon

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  6. My cousin had this when we were kids, it worked like shit. It was more effective to just slide your feet near the sides of the thing instead of kicking over it. Still, I would love to add it to my collection or gaming obscurities, I should see if he still has it in his attic or something.

    • avatar AppEl

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  7. It’d be great to try just once. Granted I’d probably never pay more than 5 dollars for it.

    • avatar Adebayo

      AH CRAP! I bhuogt the wrong one. The one I bhuogt runs on AAA batteries, doesn’t rumble, and has no usb port, and it costed me 35 bucks at Wal Mart. I’m sick of getting ripped off. I’m doing all my shopping online for now on.

  8. What a vague memory popping out of my memory shed. Great find Nick.

  9. I remember this hideous contraption. I still can’t believe anyone actually bought it.

    • avatar Roger

      Well i mean its basically all the same, just this motberhoard is a bit diff designed but uses pretty much the same compnents just i guess diff operating system

  10. I kinda want one just out of morbid curiosity. lol

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