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Do you like slaughtering legions of zombies? Want a so-so game to fill in the void until Left 4 Dead 2 arrives? Well, you could be in luck, as Microsoft has given us one copy of Zombie Apocalypse to giveaway.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your all time favourite Zombie game is.

This Monday, Gamer Limit staff members will choose 1 random poster, and if you are chosen you will win yourself a copy of Zombie Apocalypse. It’s that simple.

If you haven’t heard of the game, check out our full review here.

“The game shines in multiplayer with various rankings, from most kills to most limbs severed, and the majority of the woes of gameplay will dissipate when playing with a buddy or three.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:
1) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff randomly in 4 days from now, on Monday November 9th, at 12:00AM EST.
2) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email).
3) This is a digital copy, no box provided.
4) No staff participation, but feel free to post an opinion

  1. Resident Evil 4: Spanish-speaking zombies! What more could you ask for?

  2. I’ll start if off guys. Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Sega Genesis. My brother and I would spend hours trying to get though the game. Too bad we would always forget where we wrote down the passwords so we never beat it. Still a lot of fun though…

  3. Halo 3. Zombie mode was the single best thing about multiplayer because it was the only one that tasked you with something really original. Then World at War stole it.

    Not sure if that technically makes Halo 3 a zombie GAME… but it’s definitely the best zombie MODE, at least.

    If not, then Zombies Ate my Neighbors on SNES. Ahhh yeah.

  4. avatar Quraishi

    Resident Evil 2!

    • avatar Jaliza

      There, there, Quirky-girl, it’ll be airglht. Look, I posted something just for you on my blog today. Now, dry those tears. Wait! Those are tears of blood! Oh, noooooooooo!

  5. Avatar Image Nik

    I too am going to have to go with Left 4 Dead. That has been one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played with friends.

    • avatar Saupi

      Craig, good cntcenoion between Zombies and Usability. Not much of a fan of the Zombie movies but really fond of good usability. Keep the death defying advice coming.

    • avatar Charles

      I tuohght that this was such a fun read. I loved that it was so light hearted at times and couldn’t get enough of it. I’m really looking forward to reading the next book sometime soon. Great review!

  6. Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Rather niche, but simple beat-em-up fun.

  7. Left 4 Dead takes my top spot as well.

    And that will be replaced by Left 4 Dead 2 soon.

  8. I’m going with the classic, Resident Evil, PSX version. Can’t knock the game that spawned an amazing series and countless other games!

    • avatar Burulsun

      I guess the Dems are liokong for more votes. Since they can’t afford to pay for them using taxpayer dollars like last time, they are just importing them.

  9. Any Castlevania, except for Castlevania 64.

  10. Left 4 Dead, there’s no contest.

  11. Too many zombie games to name a classic, but how about Monster Bash?

    To anyone who just clicked that URL, enjoy your epic nostalgia ;)

  12. Well Its difficult to pick a favorite but I’ve been playing a lot of I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1…If I had to pick a favorite I would probably go with L4D1 though

  13. Hands down, Zombies Ate my Neighbors….

  14. Where is the love for Plants vs Zombies????
    Also RE4 isn’t a zombie game.

  15. Typing of the Dead.
    Seriously, what the hell can top that? You learn AND kill stuff!

  16. I wanna change my answer to Stubbs the Zombie, I can’t believe I forgot about that last night!

  17. Zombies Ate my Neighbors. Not only was it a phenomenal game, but it earns extra points for having been created before the over-saturation of zombie-ism in our culture.

  18. I gotta go with Zombies Ate My Neighbors, too. Not only was it cool, but freakin’ hell, it was hard. I don’t think I ever beat the game, and I had it on SNES and Genesis.

  19. No question, Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

  20. Gotta say Left 4 Dead too.

  21. The original Resident Evil is probably my favorite zombie game of all time. It just holds a very special and memorable place in my heart.

  22. L4D


  23. ‘Resident Evil Code: Veronica’ on the Dreamcast has to be my favourite.=) I loved the unlockable first person mode in that game.

  24. My Favourite is Dead Rising. Hitting thousands of zombies with electric guitars rocks supreme. Literally. \n/ Oh, and shooting zombies with a camera is somewhat innovative, don’t you think?

  25. avatar Mario

    hmm me lieks gaems with zombies in th3m :3

    • avatar Yasmeen

      Oh noz. You’re wanilig again. Sigh. I’m glad I was able to help by wiping your nose. I’ve never seen so many boogers come out of one person. Sheesh!

    • avatar Esthela

      OOooleee OOOleee!!! Viva Capcom!! rzagzai dopo questa notizia potrei svenire ed andare in banca ad accendere un mutuo per comprare tutti i giochi che faranno.. ma soprattutto.. re5 sbavo

  26. Giveaway closed, winner will be announced shortly

  27. You guys still going to announce a winner or did you just email them privately?

  28. Apologies, I should of posted Attilazilla got it :)

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