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It seems a clever soul has gained the support of a local MP here in QLD and generated an e-petition in support of an R18+ rating within the QLD Government. I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Another petition? Well, that’s useless”.

Not exactly; E-Petitions that gain significant amounts of support get officially submitted to parliament for discussion, and at the very least, puts the issue in the forefront of the state assembly for a while.

As a result, it may even get some media play, or (hopefully) become a pet project for a committee and encourage support. In any case, it’s another cog in the growing practical support machine to change the outdated and basically ridiculous rating system that has neutered games like Fallout 3Left4Dead 2, and Grand Theft Auto IV to name but a few.

More info and link post jump.

It’s worth noting that you cannot sign the petition if you don’t live, or at the very least, don’t have an active address, in QLD. If you do, please contribute your signature and show your support.

Many campaigns for change in QLD have begun with one of these, and it’s certainly a great start to push the QLD Attorney General into action and pledging his support for a change in the system.

The petition is here.

  1. Now if we could just get one of these going in Victoria. I feel sorry for our South Australian friends all of a sudden :P

    • avatar Ashley

      lmyejers17 on November 7, 2011 @IMissBritneyAlexI Well it ended may 5th and people are still posting their comments, wasn’t trying to be offensive, just helpful

    • avatar Filippo

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  2. avatar Sycotek

    We need one of these for every state!

    At least QLD is standing up to the close-minded Atkinson

    • avatar Elizabeth

      Neopetshelpur on November 7, 2011 Someone meseagsd me telling me they got too many random events guys, so please don’t go crazy with the generator.. they only got a warning tho no ban

  3. avatar Boars

    Signed – Thanks for posting this.

  4. No worries guys, spread the word!

  5. avatar David Radovic

    It’s about damned time…

  6. avatar Matt Boyd

    Victorian attorney general Rob Hulls also supports an R18 rating. Its just that one guy, attorney general of South Australia , Michael Atkinson that blocks it in parliment. Its clear to most people that he uses it as a stepping stone for his own political career, advocating the whole family first, Who will think of the children mentality. When will he realise that and R18 rating will do more to protect children than not. Parents will be less likely to buy a game for their childs with a rating system, i mean if your kid asked you for a porn dvd would you buy it? No of course not, so why buy them violent games and then jump up and down because you dont like what you see?

  7. avatar Tota

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