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What’s the next step for Nintendo’s innovation?  Of course…  Puppets!

The new Wii game from Swedish developer Zoink Games – Wiiwaa – involves forcing a Wiimote down the throat of a puppet that looks like an Uglydoll, then shaking the puppet (and presumably doing other things to it) to make it perform on-screen actions.

Watch the video.  How could someone not say, “You know, Nintendo… this is really weird.”

Maybe because Nintendo would respond, “Yeah.  That’s what they said about motion controls.”

Source: Kotaku

  1. And how much is this stupid thing going to cost?

  2. Zoink Games: “more information is coming soon about the game and release dates.”

    I’m guessing $50 for the software plus another $10-20 for the puppet-y thing. Gonna be better than Eyepet!

  3. Righteo…

    I’m not going to judge, it looks kinda cool for really young kids, although I’m thinking it might be better with Wii motion plus considering how much they want to use the wii remote here. Just because young kids are the ones playing your game doesn’t mean you can put something out that’s unresponsive and they’ll suck it up anyway.

  4. @kowbrainz

    I completely agree. I’m SO tempted to get one for my cousin’s daughter when it comes out.

  5. Cool game idea, and Im glad “D.A.N.C.E.” by “Justice” was used as the background track :)

  6. You know, as someone who writes articles about stupid, ficticious Wii controllers, the reality sometimes seems far more ludicrous than I could ever imagine. It’s depressing, really :P

  7. Honestly, I could see kids absolutely loving this!

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