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PS2 Brazil

And Australia thinks they have game delays…

On November 18, 2009, Sony officially started selling their PlayStation 2 console in Brazil.  That’s only a nine-year wait.  Not too shabby.

The kicker: it’ll retail for R$799, or about US$465, and the fourteen games available at launch will cost R$119 ($66) or R$99 ($55).

Hit the jump for the press release and additional details.

First, the press release:

Sony Computer Entertainment America, through its exclusive distribution partnership with Sony Brasil Ltda., is expanding its business in Latin America with the launch of PlayStation® in Brazil. Starting this November, Brazil’s gaming and entertainment enthusiasts can snap up the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the best selling system in the world, and dozens of PlayStation 2 software titles for purchase at over a thousand retail stores across the country.

The launch highlights SCEA’s commitment to expand the PlayStation business in Latin America and marks the beginning of a two-phase operation to roll out PlayStation products and services to consumers across Brazil. Brazil is home to a large community of gaming enthusiasts, making the country an ideal opportunity for SCEA to introduce the PlayStation experience to a new legion of fans.

Over 14 hit software titles are available for purchase in Brazil, covering genres from sports to first-person shooters to action adventure. This includes PlayStation 2 titles such as Gran Turismo® 4, one of the most successful game franchises for PlayStation 2, and the acclaimed God of War® II. Brazilian users will have the opportunity to test out these and other software titles at special PlayStation displays at select retailers, offering them full view of the unique entertainment experience that only PlayStation offers.

PlayStation 2 will be sold in retail stores across Brazil for R$ 799 (USD$445). New release and catalogue games for the PlayStation 2 will be sold for R$ 119 (USD$66) and R$ 99 (USD$55), respectively. Select accessories for PlayStation 2, such as DUALSHOCK®2 Analog Controller and Memory Card, will also be available for purchase.

Why are the prices so exorbitant?  Well, there’s the 60 percent import taxes that have been in place since the mid-90′s.  The ridiculous taxes have caused rampant piracy in Brazil – up to 80 percent of all games in the country are illegally imported (and 94 percent of all consoles!).

Now, with the “official” release of the PS2, maybe piracy will secede a little?  At these prices… don’t expect miracles.

Fun random fact: Brazil is the ONLY country in the world where the SEGA Master System outsold the NES.  Nice to see they’re still going against the flow!

Source: VG24/7, The Escapist

  1. I’m pretty sure any “gaming and entertainment enthusiasts” would have just imported a long time ago.

    Oh, are the import statistics that big? Fair enough…

  2. You have got to be kidding me …

  3. Just in time to go along with Olympic celebrations! VIVA OLD CONSOLE!

  4. This reminds me of all the massive bootlegging going on at every tiangis in Mexico. Ever heard of “Poystation”?

  5. Hahaha, that’s incredible! This must be how Japan perceives the rest of the world and its puny technology!

  6. avatar khaleel chaudhry

    i love u stephen sheperd

  7. avatar Anonymous

    Guys, don’t mistake official release with availability. People have been playing the ps2 ever since it was released. In fact,a lot of brazilians probably started playing FFXII before the rest of the world where non-pirated games is the norm. Over here, FFXII could be found in any video game store before the official release, everything is pirated in here.

  8. Its really unfortunate how these companies limit availability for different systems. More so how they release things over in Japan before the US. I really would like to know their reasoning behind it all. The only thing I can think of is being able to produce enough to keep up with the demand between two major countries.

  9. avatar Gpaiva

    Well, I live in Brazil and pretty much all my friends have either a ps3, and xbox360 or a badass pc (wich is my case). We simply have to import them, and most of the times we find a way to avoid paying those taxes.
    I dont know what they hope to acomplish by “officially” releasing the ps2 now…. specially now that even popular stores have ps3 on sale…

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  18. avatar Maria

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