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Treat Us Like Adults protest

It seems that the R18+ issue has really gathered some steam over the past couple of days. Michael Atkinson addressed the issue personally, a Member of Parliament backed an e-Petition for the cause, and now the Treat Us Like Adults blog has organised a protest that will take place in Brisbane, Australia.

Hit the jump to check out all the details, and find out how you can get involved.

The event will be held from 11:00am – 12:00am on Saturday, December 5 at King George Square. Here’s what organiser Ethan Watson had to say on the matter:

“Hello everyone! My name is Ethan. I’m a professional game programmer (recently unemployed), and I’ve finally decided to do something about the lack of reasonable ratings for video games in Australia.

I have some game ideas that I want to make which, given the standards currently applied to the video games medium and the standards applied to other media in Australia, would have to be Refused Classification. Rather than sit around and wait for the law to change, I’ve decided it’s time to do something about it.

To that end, I have started up a website that will both serve as a central point for any thoughts and actions I take on the subject; as well as a place to educate people on the current ratings system and why it’s bad and ways you can get around it. The first article I’ve put up is a detailed look at classification laws and what it means for you.

Many of our gaming bretheren do not participate in forums where this matter is usually discussed. To that end, I am also organising a protest on the 5th of December in Brisbane which aims to educate both those gamers that haven’t tracked the issue online; and the general public that may not know about the issue at all. A request to release the long-promised discussion paper will also be made.

For those of you in Brisbane who have had enough of this ratings system debacle, come let your voice be heard by more than the people that visit this forum. Spread the word around to your friends. Print the flyers out that are provided on the site and hand them out to the public.

Let’s get a real discussion happening.”

You can get involved with the Treat Us Like Adults protest through Facebook.

  1. avatar Zac

    Michel atkinsons opinion on r18+ games is so hillariosly flaud it makes me larf….. Then i think if all the games im missing out on and than get pissed (pardon my language). The ban is making things wors because: a friend of mynes son is 13 and fearly tall. he went to the games shop and he braught an r18+ game thats gor was slighetly was reduced to make it ma15+ so it could be released in australia and the shop owner believed he was 15 because of his hight. So in conclusion, he wouldent have been exposed to violence and gore that he wasnt expecting of ready for if the game was 18+ because u need id for that. Also i dont think that some thing like this should happen be cause of a small hand full of people who have never played a game in there life should get to make a desishion like this. Also if they bann games because of violence of drug references than why are things like pornography, R18+ movies etc. There are sooo many terible things happening in the world but they just focus on vidio games… ITS SO LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this is read by some one important who isnt also a dumb ass.

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