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Project Natal’s coming, and it’s going to be cheaper and sooner than everyone expected.

British game magazine MCV received launch details from a “secret” source yesterday detailing launch games, price points, and dates.

The launch of Project Natal is apparently scheduled for November 2010, five years (almost to the day) since the debut of the Xbox 360.  There are fourteen games set for opening day, and the price is rumored to be as low as £50 ($83.41).

Not only that, but Microsoft is readying 5,000,000 of the things for launch, signaling a strong show of support for the new peripheral.  The low price point and wide availability on day one is supposedly because Microsoft is “trying to get as close as possible to ‘impulse buy’” with the system.

If anything will help Project Natal hit the ground running, it will be the fact that you can pick it up for less than a Guitar Hero 5 guitar bundle.

No word if any of the games will be packed in with the system or if Milo will be ready for launch, but Microsoft is apparently planning to release 360/Natal bundles, as well as selling Natal separately.

In related news, Sony is planning to get its motion-sensing wand on the market in spring 2010, trumping even Microsoft’s Project Natal blitz.  There’s going to be a lot of movement next year, it seems… hopefully it all works as well as Molyneux promised.

He wouldn’t lie to us, right?  Right?

Source: MCV

  1. Milo freaks me the hell out. Even if he ends up working pretty well, I’d still feel damn weird talking to my television instead of, you know, a regular person.

  2. I’m boycotting simply because Molyneux is the antichrist and he must be stopped.

    Watch your back, Peter.

  3. “Project Natal’s coming, and it’s going to be cheaper and sooner than everyone expected.”

    This usually translates into it’s going to come later and be more expensive than everyone expects.

  4. Is Natal essentially an updated 360 camera?

  5. avatar Andika

    don’t believe any why i will say : first thhougts of both microsoft and sony was to build the perfect gaming console system (ps3 0xbox 360)( and they did recently announcement from both side says that they wants there gaming console to last at least 10-to 14 years (2017 maybe in there mind ofcoursee) and they will because both console are perfect cuting-edge technology in gaming and home entertainment experience and so is second and thierd party gaming devolpers companys says by the word(the road for both ps3 and xbox 360 as far from over and it wont be easy for hardcore gamers and what we have for them(game they mean) ) and microsoft is launching a new 360 model called super elite with extra 130 hard disk capacity (250 HARD DISK SPACE) next mont in 22 so that’s all my friendgood luck though and

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