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Exactly one year ago today, Gamer Limit started to publish original articles. GL was born on a whim, made to be a sister of a now defunct website, and created by a gamer who had no interest in writing… Amazingly, we pulled it off. Congrats!

Read on for 11 random notes about Gamer Limit.

  • Gamer Limit was meant to be called Limit Gamer, but when registering the domain name I accidentally got the words around the wrong way (oops).
  • The original scope was to only cover the big consoles (no PC, no handhelds).
  • The first week’s worth of content was copied from Casualty Gamer (our sister site).
  • Pixelated Geek, our lovable affiliate since launch, started at the same time we did. Originally, they wanted to merge the sites… (but I would have none of that)
  • I’ve put on at least 12kgs since starting Gamer Limit, although I’m slowly burning it off.
  • The original GL template was heavily based on FirstShowing‘s design.
  • No Authors who were writing in 2008 are still involved with Gamer Limit.
  • We had a mascot, but the evil editors made me remove it; although he can still be found in the Tops section.
  • Gamer Limit managed to go two months without any editors (scary?).
  • The GL Launch Post can be found here (dated today’s date!).
  • And, if you want to read some of our classy, early articles, start reading here.

A big thank you to all the staff, readers and publishers for helping us make it this far. Here’s to the next year!

  1. Wow, I didn’t know any of those facts. Well that’s not true. I did know that Gamer Limit used to have a mascot, and I even remember when it got removed.

    Here’s to the first awesome year of Gamer Limit. I hope it sees many many more as the site continues to get better and better! :-D

  2. Well done, everyone. Especially you, Colin!

  3. Congratulations! We’ve certainly come a long way, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Management and great writers we have. Oh, and the readers of course :D

  4. Congratulations Colin, and the whole team. I can only hope our site is as accomplished when it turns one year old :)

    *crosses fingers on that account*

  5. avatar Nelson (PixelatedGeek)


  6. Thank god we’ve come a long ways, I would never ever visit this site in its original form. haha just breaking your balls colin.

  7. *claps* Well done!

    I bookmarked this site perhaps 2 or 3 months ago and forgot about it. I rediscovered it just recently when I did some bookmark cleaning. I’m glad that I did.

  8. I’m really glad the size of the paragraphs shrunk. This site is a lot easier on the eyes now!

  9. 1 year old! Well done all.
    I made you a cake, but I eated it.

  10. Well done everyone, I can clearly see the vast amount of effort that has gone into making this site what it is today. :)

  11. It’s come so far! I remember when I was the only Editor, ::sniff::

  12. Happy anniversary Gamer Limit!

  13. @Paul
    Now there’s a new word :D

  14. Impressive fan base for only being around one year… I’m kind of jealous I can’t get that response for any of my websites.

  15. LOL just registered an account and bookmarked this site just a few days ago, when I discovered your Zombie Apocalypse giveaway by chance… Like it, though, so if the site remains the way it is, I’ll probably say the same thing in exactly one year that I say now:

    Happy anniversary, (Limit) Gamer (Limit)!

    There you go, now you can choose the order of the words once again. ;)

  16. Congrats! I joined just after the new year, and to see what we’ve become in about nine or ten months is nothing short of amazing. I’m proud to be a Limiter, and enjoy working with everyone of these cheeky bastards. Can’t wait to see where we’ll be after year two!

  17. Happy birthday! Or, domain-registered-day. Whichever you prefer.

    Also, I’m surprised I’m been around and inactive for so long! I have the comment on the launch post for this site :)

  18. Thanks for the kudos everyone, we wouldn’t be the way we are without our talented staff and amazing readers!

    To many more years! :D

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