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Today Nintendo revealed two new DSi bundles, both of which come with “more than $20″ worth of software pre-installed.

The two bundles, referred to as the Metallic Blue “Mario Collection” and the White “Brain Age Bundle,” will be made available starting Black Friday, November 27. Retailing for $169.99, each package comes with five pre-installed titles.

To see what software comes with each bundle, hit the jump.

Metallic Blue “Mario Collection”

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again: Can Mario and his Mini Marios rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong’s clutches yet again?
  • Dr. Mario Express: Mario once again dons his stethoscope to battle the forces of illness in this downloadable version of the classic puzzle game.
  • WarioWare: Snapped!: Wario returns with more manic action made especially for the Nintendo DSi system. WarioWare: Snapped! uses the built-in Nintendo DSi Camera to make players the star of the show by placing them right into fast-paced mini-games.
  • Mario Calculator: Mario and Luigi take a break from their normal adventures to dedicate their heroic talents to working with numbers.
  • Mario Clock: Mario Clock includes both analog and digital clocks that use the system’s internal clock or allow you to offset the time however you like.

White “Brain Age Bundle”

  • Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters: Test your spelling in Word Attack, enjoy literary classics in Reading Aloud and tune your musical skills in Piano Player.
  • Brain Age Express: Sudoku: Solve a variety of puzzles at three different skill levels using the touch screen and an intuitive interface.
  • Brain Age Express: Math: Players can enjoy a mix of new and familiar exercises, including Change Maker, Triangle Math, Sum Totaled and Multi Tasker.
  • Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics: Play familiar favorites like Blackjack and Five Card Draw, or test your ability in the fast-paced Last Card, Last Card Plus and President.
  • Photo Clock: Experience all the enjoyment of a photo album while ensuring you won’t lose track of the time.


  1. The list of pre-installed titles on these bundle systems is a freakin’ joke!

  2. I bought my DSi at launch and still haven’t spent my 1000 free points. I think I got a better deal than this

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