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The King of Fighters, SNK’s flagship series, is getting a movie.  Of course, it looks just awful.

Why?  Because it threw away everything that was certifiably KoF and slapped on a cheap science fiction aesthetic.  Bleh.

See the new trailer above.  At least Uwe Boll isn’t directing it.

Check the film’s description from Movieset:

The King of Fighters movie will introduce a new science fiction spin into the setting established in the games’ universe by following the surviving members of three legendary fighting clans who are continually whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power. As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe’s native defenders, while the force that brought them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world.


The film is being directed by Gordon Chan (Jet Li’s director for Fist of Legend), and stars Sean Faris (Never Back Down), Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard), Will Yun Lee (Elektra), and Darth Maul.  I mean… Ray Park.

Can’t be worse than Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li or DOA: Dead or Alive, can it?

It’s coming out next year, to what’s sure to be a record stint at the box office.  Lines forming now at your local movie theater.

Source: Hey U Guys

  1. Yet. Uwe Boll isn’t directing it, yet.

  2. To me, SF: The Legend of Chun-Li was horrid and DOA:DOA was at the very least watchable. I’d watch this.. but only when it comes out on DVD. I’d never spend money at a movie theater to watch a movie like this.

  3. Judging by that trailer, Uwe Boll could have done a better job.

  4. Dead or alive was ok at least. Problems started with that movie IMO because the wrong actors were cast, but still watchable I have the dvd laying around somewhere. This i’ll watch when it hits cable. Its bad when the trailor looks choreographed instead of believable.

  5. They can always save the plot with product placement.

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