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We’ve all heard the big claims that Microsoft has been making about its upcoming Project Natal, and, up until now, there has been no better spokesperson for the product than Peter Molyneux.

Now, however, Xbox LIVE’s GM, Marc Whitten, has claimed that Natal could one day replace the humble remote control.

Read on to find out what Whitten had to say.

“With the flick of my wrist I can change a channel,” Whitten said. “With the power of my voice I can start a movie.”

“Laughter is an input. Yelling at the TV when I know an answer on Jeopardy is an input. Attention is an input. The number of people in the room at one time is an input.”

“I believe that this will be the largest leap of TV experience since the remote control.”

Plenty of sound bites, certainly, but if properly incorporated, this type of technology could easily become integrated into everyday entertainment.

Source: Yahoo! Tech

  1. I like the idea of Project Natal because it takes interactive gaming to the next level. However, there are certain things that should remain..such as the controller. It goes with all sorts of technological advancements and how they may be more convenient or easier but they are not always the preferred method. I also have to agree with many others who think that Natal will be a flop.

  2. It’s not that I have no faith in Project Natal, so much as I think that it’s being blown out of proportion by the people who talk about it like it’s the next coming of Christ. With this kind of hype, it’s almost guaranteed to let people down.

  3. As awesome and interesting as this is, I’m till going to want to sit down on my couch and relax and kill some stuff/jump around/play some fake music. I want to continue sitting on my couch. I don’t want to have to stand up and start looking like I have uncontrollable muscle spasms.

    and @Jamie
    Come on, Peter Molyneux was toting the capabilities. OF COURSE it’s going to be a let down.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. After all the broken promises Nintendo delivered, I’m very skeptical of this type of stuff.

  5. With how much money Microsoft is gonna be pushing this product with AND the fact that its gonna be released for only $50 bucks I dont think its gonna flop. Its only gonna disappoint the ones who buy into the hype and believe all that crap they put out about just about anything they release nowadays. Natal has some promise I give it that but the only thing that could hold it back is the games and I believe Microsoft knows this and is gonna put the nessicary money to back that. Money is one thing Microsoft is never short on.

  6. Microsoft might be able to put the money behind it, and really push it to the consumers….but I don’t necessarily think it’ll make it good.

    I have a feeling most people are going to want a controller to physically hang onto. Although waving your hands around might be cool for a week or two, it’s going to get old….(who wants to have to move their hand in front of the tv to scroll through movies on netflix when you can just simply use a controller?)

  7. This is most likely gonna be just a big disappointment.

  8. I agree with Jimmy — the games and applications drive the success of the system. I’m reserving all judgement until I see real, fleshed out software for use with Natal. It’s all conjecture until then.

    • avatar Batuhan

      Joe, isn’t the point about making the sericves provided by Google even better and more secure for all users – even the less security-conscious ? As to why anyone else should care, aside from the milk of human kindness, which admittedly doesn’t always flow unhindered, the presence of unsecured users on a network tends to make all users less secure. Thus even enlightened self-interest would argue for our supporting such a step on the part of Google. And surely it’s in Google’s own enlightened self-interest both to be and to be perceived as a more secure provider of web sericves ?…Henri

    • avatar Denis

      I’m commenting just to seoncd Matt’s complaint about not being able to access Gmail from iGoogle. I switched to “always on” a while back for just the reasons you mentioned (thank you for providing the option when other services don’t!), and I don’t think I noticed any difference at all in performance. It’s just that I wish I could see a little more from the gadget…Keep up the good work, and I look forward to having the option in other apps!

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