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It’s been less than 48 hours since the PC release of Modern Warfare 2, and multiplayer has already been abused by script kiddies. Could this be an omen of things to come?

Check out footage of the wallhacking below.

Fortunately, the people who developed the hack are asking for money in return; hence, hopefully this will slow the uptake until Infinity Ward can get a patch out.

…So how are those dedicated servers coming?

Source: YouTube via Reddit

  1. Can you see a pattern emerging with today’s news posts? We should really just start them with “in other MW2 news…”

  2. avatar War

    Thats what Activision and Infinite Nard gets for screwing over the PC community. Not for future reference: AND LET IT BE HEARD THAT HE WHO PI$$ES OFF THE PC COMMUNITY, SHALL BE PI$$ED ON THEMSELVES!

  3. I’ve noticed a very childish mentality of late regarding MW2 gamers. From both the script kiddies, and the apparently “hard done by” PC players.

  4. avatar Childish

    I’ve noticed a very ignorant mentality of late regarding MW2 butt huggers. From kiss ups to some guy named Simon Jones.

  5. avatar Soh Knee

    PC gaming is dying thanks to piracy. You did it to yourself. Deal with it. Now go buy either a 360 or a PS3 and get with the program.

    • avatar Anonymous

      What do u mean “Get with the program”….? Pc’s are far more superior than ANY gaming console

  6. avatar PC gaming dying?

    well I have hard time believing PC gaming would die, that are at least 3 big genre of games I can’t believe would leave PC any time soon. first person shooters, MMORPG’s and strategy games, because games like that are really that much easier to play with mouse and keyboard, and btw a lot of companies don’t want to pay for rights to make games on consoles

  7. So dedicated servers were abandoned to prevent things like this occurring less frequently, right?

    Now I’m just confused.

  8. Ahh man, the video’s already been pulled. :(

  9. Dang. Activision is pretty quick to spot and pull any bad vids…

    • avatar Paola

      Zune and iPod: Most people comprae the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  10. It was only a matter of time, I’m just shocked that amount of time was less then 48 hours. WTF?

  11. Only around 6 hours, in fact.

    Playa haterz

  12. avatar Torinir

    The video’s on 1up now.

    And it is a 3D radar and on-fire aimbot in action.

    So much for IWNet and VAC making their game hack free, right?

  13. avatar BuGGs

    I have played COD since it was first released and still play COD 1 with my clan mates
    In an attemped to justify buying the game for myself I have tralled the net looking for a review that would help me decide
    So far I have not been able to find one and this vid is just one more nail
    in the coffin that says do not buy this product.

  14. haha bet you didn’t think you’d log on and find someone had called you a “butt hugger” Simon!

    I’m entertained purely by trying to figure out what kind of lame insult that is! :P

  15. “butt hugger” lol prepubescent gamers are rather silly with their insults. Makes me wish parents knew what their kids are playing

  16. avatar GHOST

    “PC gaming is dying thanks to piracy. You did it to yourself. Deal with it. Now go buy either a 360 or a PS3 and get with the program.”-cough-fool-cough-

    dude the xbox360 version of codmw2 was on the net a whole week(if not more) bevore the release of codmw2

  17. avatar Fredkruge

    Ehh, pirated games are 90% of the time single player games due to…. well yeah. People that get games that are known for multiplayer hacked, play on crappy cracked servers, which are usually empty, or full of hacks (great fun?lol). People that actually want to play will buy it. And there are TONS of people that legitly buy the games. Its single-player games that they should worry about getting pirated more… But this is just a ploy, theyre not concerned about piracy, people that arent gonna buy the game arent going to. Its that activision is trying to (google it up) make fees like WoW, except on their own popular titles such as CoD. So, picture this: 60$ game (would be 50, but theyre greedy), then 10$/month to use For 6 months, 120$. Or, if they make it a bit cheaper…. 5$ a month, 90$/6 months, 120$ for a year PER GAME THEY MAKE.

  18. avatar mp

    way the fuck you you noobs wont to hack?? becors you have eny skills?? that is so fucking sad to hack..!! you mother fucking loser is ruing the game for the real player..!!! so FUCK YOU ALL NOOB HACKER.!!


  19. avatar John


    hyRid v1.0

    100 % VAC-proof

    if u get steam api error, click file change user, exit steam (make sure steam.exe is not running) and log back in.

    Note: some anti viruses detect it as a virus, but this is just a false positive.

  20. avatar John.

    hehe “just log back in” :P steal theyre Steam Accs.

  21. avatar Sajid

    Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very dcfliiuft. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha

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