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MW2 Steam Release Date 1

I went to pre-purchase the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 last night on Steam, and was shocked to see the service lists the game’s official release date as November 13, 2009.  This is a full three days later then the world wide release date of November 10.  I have also checked the Steam website and it lists the same delayed date.

We are attempting to contact Infinity Ward about this, but no response has been received yet.  I have to assume this is a mistake, as I imagine it would hurt sales of the PC version on Steam if people had to wait for it to be released.  Continue to check back with Gamer Limit as we wait to find out why the release date has been pushed back.

  1. A mistake, or more reason for PC gamers to feel let down?

  2. Maybe it’s to find some dedicated servers? Ha! Can’t be that.

  3. Well Im getting mine in the midnight release from my local gamestop. They still have it listed for a midnight release.

  4. avatar Iz-a Me

    I would still buy on steam if it were a week later just to get the benifits of having a auto updating game through steam. I wish all games were sold through services like steam. MW2 is in stores still locked up in boxes in my area ready to sell, so close I can smell it.

  5. From now on you’ll be known as Chris Charter

  6. avatar spvn

    Wait why in the world would anyone buy the PC version anymore? Check the chart posted above. No dedicated servers, max 9v9, no developer console, etc. The PC game is just a completely dumbed down version of the console version of MW2

  7. avatar insiduoustek


    Your chart is shit.
    There’s no demo for the 360, so your argument is irrelevant there. In COD4 you weren’t able to play with anyone who had a different version anyway, so most servers had the most recent updates installed and any users who didn’t (or still don’t) couldn’t play on them anyway – which is fun exactly how? I’d love to know where you got the stats on lean and console commands, or even the filtering of bad language. In terms of DLC, are you honestly suggesting that DLC for the 360 is going to be free while they will charge for the PC? Does that seriously sound like Microsoft to you? OR Activision? I mean, I feel sorry for the folks in lovely Australia, but really, your arguments here are next to garbage. The red was a nice touch, but you highlighted some actual good changes as bad.

    P.S. I don’t really care if you made the chart or not. If you did, than eat it, if not, no offence meant and forward this to someone who cares.

  8. avatar Hector

    You people complaining about dedicated servers are pathetic play the game without the mods and cheats. P.S. who the hell still plays video games on the computer lol are you serious?

  9. avatar anon

    are you kidding me? xbox360 and even ps3 is already an old tech.
    my current pc is much better at graphics

    plus mouse and keyboard is much better for FPS, then analog stick!

    so yeah, of course people play games on pc. and enjoy them more then console (esp when hooked up to hd plasma)

  10. avatar DesertFury


  11. avatar LOL

    LOL @ Hectors comment. “who the hell still plays video games on the computer lol are you serious?”

    You’re a %!$# idiot.

  12. avatar Hector

    Sorry guys i dont rly no much about computer befcuz i am illegal alien

  13. avatar Cheung

    UM it actually is not infinity ward, but Activision. Just telling you guys

  14. avatar JED!

    you children should remember that its us pc gamers that developed the gay thumb operated consoles you all play your waterdown versions of the real games on do you think the games are developed and writen on consoles Dur !! you have no control or access to you config files but i guess if you are happy in you ignorance then play on kidz!!

  15. avatar Yatin

    IS THIS SITE REAL? I’ve been dreaming of a Mark Plays site, but I fiuegrd it would be impossible because I don’t even know, because you can get stuck or something. Anyway, SO HAPPY NOW. I bought Portal 2 this summer (Steam sale yay), and I haven’t started it yet, so I’ll try playing it with you. Played the first game last year, and I really liked it. And OMG, I just looked at the Confirmed games, and you’re gonna play Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick! YES. This site is pretty much made for games like that.

  16. avatar Bernard

    That’s how I did it. I’ve been stuck at various parts of the last level for years (Svefg vg jnf gur cneg jurer gur cfgbva guvatf fcyvg ncneg naq qebc lbh va gur ebbz jvgu guerr gheergf. Gura ntnva ng gur vagebqhpgvba bs gur ebpxrg gheerg). I already knew how it ended when the second game came out so I just went straight to it.

  17. avatar Stanislaw

    You’ve really put him in a bad light here. TeamBlake rerfes to his The Voice team (The Voice is competition to Idols) and lots of the stuff has been overanalysed by you. I don’t really listen to his music but what I’ve seen of him makes me think he’s a good sort. (Then again he does The Voice alongside Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine so he doesn’t really have that much competition in the I’m decent competition).Still, nicely written article

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