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We all knew that Modern Warfare 2 would be a triumphant success, but the crater this game has left in its first day of sales is truly astonishing.

According to VGChartz, Modern Warfare 2 is on track for becoming the fastest selling video game of all time, taking in over 7 million worldwide sales across all platforms. 4.2 million units were sold in the Americas (3.7 million in the USA) with a further 1.23 million in the UK and 350,000 in both France and Germany. Further to this, week one figures are predicted to accumulate to 10 million, which would overtake GTA  IV‘s previous week one record of 5.92 million.

In the UK, it has grossed a sizable £47 million according to Elspa, who touted the great success as “clear evidence that videogames are now mainstream in the UK” and that “our form of interactive entertainment has completely come of age.” I’m just waiting for Sainsbury’s to take all the credit after selling the game for half the RRP.

  1. VGChartz’ sales tallies aren’t actually that accurate; in the past they’ve shown tallies for games that are over 400% what the real tallies were when released later by the game companies themselves. That said, I have no doubt that MW2 will have broken many a record when official sales tallies are released.

  2. I wonder if New Super Mario Bros. Wii will beat it? It will be an interesting competition to say the least.

  3. Is this really a surprise?

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