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One of the few advantages Xbox Live currently has over the PlayStation Network is cross-game chat.  You form a party of friends and you can blab to your heart’s content, no matter what game each of you happens to be playing.  That may soon change.

Inside: a reason not to get Modern Warfare 2?

When you start an online game in Activision’s soon-to-be-released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 while in a party chat, you are prompted to either leave your party and join the game chat, or you will not be allowed to play.

Check out this screenshot, from NeoGAF member Accident:

MW2 no chat screenshot

Whether this party chat-banning will apply to every playlist or only specific ones remains to be seen.  Still, it’s a troubling turn of events for the future of of Xbox Live…

If our powers of friendly communication are taken away from us by power-hungry developers, what’s next?

What, indeed?

Source: Examiner

  1. Wow. MW2 seems to be doing everything in their power to lose potential customers.

    One of the primary reasons I prefer party chat over game chat is because 99% of the people that play are whiny little kids who seem to have just learned curse words.

  2. I think one of the potential reasons for this is to get rid of cheaters in some of the more competitive games, but even still it’s pretty damn lame.

  3. Cheaters will always prevail. Most will just resort to Skype if “exploiting” this party chat system is their priority.

  4. Glad I’m getting the PC version. Vent FTW

  5. I for one am really happy that they have done this if its only for things like S&D because it will stop 99% of people from telling their team things when they die. Also it actually makes it so you can talk to your tem insted of 6 different people doing 6 different things when you only have one goal. IMO its a good thing that should have be done from the get go, thne no one would have been bitching.

  6. I hate listening to the in-game party chat. I get a similar experience to Kevin, too many kids singing grossly out of tune, bludgeoning a song that I love.

  7. avatar Polprav

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post “No teme” in your blog with the link to you?

  8. Uh-oh!! Looks like everyone is forced to hear the whine of little kids in every match….

  9. avatar mike

    removing part chat is a joke it is one of the best features on the 360 if my m8s dont have the game i cant talk to them what a joke were going to buy it now were staying on world at war instead lots more fun playing with friends. Will it stop peole from glitching going under the maps and inside walls bet it wont stop that what a joke.

  10. avatar mike

    not everyone in partys woant to cheat btw if they really want to msn,telephone are they going to ban that stupid mistake and now future games will do the same, party chat will be a thing of the past well done microsoft how much money did you get for this, forcing people to talk to others is not the thing of the future backward step defo.

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