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Mass: We Pray

When I first stumbled across this video, I was certain that Mass: We Pray was simply a parody that some semi-hilarious nerds created in their WoW off-time. However, upon further investigation, it seems that this game could very well be plausible.

“A family shouldn’t have to wait until Sunday to worship the Lord. Now you can go to church every day without leaving your home.” With a tagline like that, how could this game not succeed?

Read to take a look at the frightening promotional video regarding this (possibly) upcoming Wii game.

Is it a joke? Or depressingly serious? The developer, Prayer Works Interactive, seems to check out. If it is real, it could be in your sweet, innocent hands by Easter 2010.

You be the judge.

  1. The fact that they spell ‘unauthorized’ wrong on the very first screen is the first sign that this is a fake. Everything that follows is the second sign. :P

  2. I.. what? Cross controller? Kneeler accessory? Really? Is there a demand for this?

  3. Pre-orders start on the 20th! But there is no way this is real… the graphics are too ridiculously bland and the whole concept is just too, creepy? Yeah. Creepy.

    Reminds me of the movie Jesus Camp. Super messed up movie. Same vein as this.

  4. Jesus Camp was awesome. In the sense that it made me incredibly mad. But still an awesome film because I knew what to expect going into it.

  5. Yeah, Jesus Camp definitely made me pretty upset too…or rather, ashamed….It’s rough seeing people giving Christianity a bad name (especially when they don’t realize it).

    But this sketch was pretty funny! Well produced.

  6. I am not quite sure if I am meant to be laughing, or scared.

  7. I’m scared Daniel … very very scared.

  8. It seems like a big joke, well, I pray (no pun intended) it is anyway. I’m a Christian, and I hate things like this, it gives us a bad image. Sigh.

  9. I’m glad it’s going to teach our younger children how to get on their knees properly.

  10. avatar AJK

    Yet another company trying to capitalize on religion. I have a problem with this on many levels too deep to go into, so I hope it’s a joke.

  11. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Go to the site, and click on the “Pre-order now” button!

    … to see an exclusive trailer for Dante’s Inferno.

    First, fake picketers, now, a fake game? What’s next for this God of War clone?! Too bad the actual game looks so unremarkable… the viral advertising is great.

    Well, not “great,” so much as different and unique. Still cool.

  12. They forgot to list Anti-gay protesting, child molestation, depriving third world citizens of medicines, and scaring everyone into surrendering their will and money with threats of eternal damnation. I’ll stop here

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