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In case you haven’t heard of Love Plus, it’s a DS dating sim game from Japan utilizing a real-time calendar for your digital girlfriend.

Apparently, it’s incredibly realistic, as an otaku just married one of Love Plus‘s main characters, Nene, in a Guam church.

Here’s the church of insanity that lets people marry fictional characters:

Love Plus Church

He’s apparently planning a formal ceremony to be held back in Japan, and has invited several media types to attend.  It is rumored to even include a slide show of his “lengthy courting and romance.”

The wedding will even be streamed live on November 22nd on video-sharing site NicoNico Douga, if you have nothing to do tomorrow.

This means he’s a Japanese man that went on a honeymoon with his DS to Guam, where it’s apparently legal to marry lines of code.  What is the world coming to?

Source: Sankaku Complex

  1. Indeed Nick … what is the world coming to? This is some weird stuff man!

  2. avatar KingreX32

    Honestly why?
    Seriously why?………………………

  3. Someone should walk up to him with another copy of the game, show him that his “spouse” is cheating on him. :P

  4. This doesn’t really surprise me in any way; I’m pretty sure people have been marrying objects in the past. To each his own.

  5. Awww. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  6. How this ends?: The DS gets stolen and someone programs the thing to divorce him and take half his junk.

  7. Is the DS now next-of-kin? He left everything he had to the DS…

  8. Hope he got that bitch to sign a prenup. She might rob him of all his DS games in the divorce.

  9. I met a girl from gromgasdf once and she was fine as hell. So I don’t blames him fo thsats!

  10. Not more scary Japanese oddities.

  11. Anybody else afraid of the pair spawning evil android-offsprings?

  12. since the developers own the rights to the game and all of its content, if they get divorced does the developer get half of his stuff plus alamony?

  13. Would him trading the game in at a store count as a divorce?

  14. avatar Cockhead

    Well.. i guess we shuldnt judge majority of developing girls, lonly wives , widows use sex toys in this global society.. hell a woman would marry a dildo n u guys kno it!

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