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Join Josh, Chase, Chris, Paul and special guest Alex Yue as they trudge through the misty bogs of gaming culture. This week our discussion is centered around a very controversial topic – the survivability of PC gaming. We discuss the past, present, and uncertain future of the PC platform while sharing our concerns about the unnerving PC version of Modern Warfare 2.

Hilarity ensues as we lure Shawn Evans onto the show to discuss his experiences with MW:2 in a LAN environment, and eventually confront him regarding a number of embarrassing facts.

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  1. Wait. Josh and Chase… you exchange presents for Christmas? ….

  2. No – I was at Best Buy, and they were giving away some L4D2 and AC2 goodies, so I grabbed a handful.

    I told him he could have one of the L4D2 posters, and he got all sappy on me.

  3. “Thanks for the comments, you illiterate fucks!” Love it.

    Great cast.

  4. avatar Sara

    Chase. Don’t fool yourself.
    Love, Sara.

  5. only 35 mins through the podcast but i just can’t help myself

    on the price debate – put yourself in the position of someone just getting into gaming according to the views expressed pc gaming is more economical than console gaming if “you know exactly where online to buy the cheapest setup you design yourself, you have the technical knowledge to know exactly what you are selecting and why it provide you with better gaming, you are tech savvy enough to know how to upgrade your pc 2-3 years down the line and you don’t include the price of the latter upgrades in your initial price comparison”. if all that is true then i agree that you may be able to find an equally economical gaming outlet.

    how many people initially getting into gaming do you think have that knowledge. Not knwoing how to do that isn’t consumer ignorance but looking down on people for not knowing all that and deciding to buy a console feels a lot like the pc elitism i referenced in my pre show comment.

    valve fans are die hard – as the left 4 dead 2 boycott showed that sentence should probally be changed to ‘ pc valve fans are die hard as long as valve promise to provide endless free content and upgrades but as soon as valve decide to charge for their hundreds of hours of hard work those fans will turn on them faster than they can blink’

    viable markets – the pc gamers during the podacst listed some of the things they liked about the system as free map packs, free mods, free dedicated servers, free community support, free dlc and being able to use free non propriety software such as wow add-ons. not one of those things from a publisher stand point makes money so not one of those points makes them a viable market.

    pc gamers (sorry for the stereotype) seem to want to demand everything for free while console gamers are willing to pay more money for add ons to games they love. The only thing i don’t understand is why pc gamers that fall into that stereotype cannot see why developers wouldn’t want to develop for them.

    money talks gentleman

  6. avatar dreamhunk

    here is alist of pc games pc,pc gaming is huge. there is online web based games. In fact online gaming is booming in a ression. Then there is games at Then we have all the indie game devs.

    here is a list of pc games

    I would go so far to say that console game devs are going bankuprt.

    also there is tech like onlive coming to pc gaming.

    You only need to look at where EA is going to tell you where the future is going for pc gaming

    mw2 only did well because it has a 200 million dallor marketing team.

  7. I don’t want to go to war with Chase, I agree with him about most things upto and including my gammar!

  8. avatar dreamhunk

    I also wanted to say there is more problem wit consoles

    high production costs
    rented games
    the used game market is killing console game devs.
    I would say that consoles are on a decline
    also micro soft and sony have lost billions on consoles

    By the way nintendo dsi and wii have a much bigger pircay rates

  9. Dreamhunk if you are going to link to articles can you read them first.

    The ign article you linked is about how discs are a dieing platform and about digital distribution. This is the second time you have linked the MW2 advertsing budget on the topic and i still don’t see the point you think it makes as that was a cross platform game. I listen to about 4-5 video game podcasts that talk about upcoming games including gamerlimit, do you know how many of your pc list games have a got a mention in the last 6 months if you don’t count the big section of all the really good games marked ‘MULTIPLATFORM’ about 5 out of 50 odd.

    pc games have just as high production costs (how much do you think starcraft 2 or old republic have cost?), basically games have high production costs not just console ones

    rented games still get paid for and there rentals monitored to track games stats

    the used game market is a whole other debate and if you think it kills game devs bigger than the rampant pc piracy then there is no reason deabting this

    seriously wii piracy bigger than pc, really? show me some statistics on that

  10. avatar dreamhunk

    number 1 lets talk about some real facts.

    consoles don’t handle DD like pc gaming does. Sorry consoles don’t have that kid of inforstucture.

    Number 2 consoles game devs are going abnkuprt because of 4 reasons.

    high production costs
    rented games
    the used game amrket
    pircay on consoles

    The fact is console game devs are not making any money off consoles games. Number console game devs are going bankuprt because of consoles.

    Sorry the wii gets more pirated alot more than the pc does. It’s in the billions. Sorry there is not a black market for consoles games. Even the nintendo dsi is like in the billions.

    sorry there is more pc gamers in the world than consoles. The world does not play consoles they play on the pc. china, indina,russia EU gemerny I could go on pnly play games on the pc.

    sorry there is alot more pc games and genres on pc.

    sorry rts,tbe tbrpg,space sims,ocean games,pin ball, mmo’s only work well on the pc I could go on.

    I would like to add sony and microsoft have lost billions of dallors on the consoles. The very reason there is longer console ciycle is because sony and microsft have to regain all the money they lost on consoles.

    take a very good look at the japanese gaming market it’s pretty much dead because of consoles.

    then there is new tech like onlive that will put consoles out of business.

    here is the state of consoles

  11. avatar dreamhunk

    I have links to add proof but they are not working!

  12. avatar dreamhunk

    Mass Effect 2 PC Out Day & Date With Xbox 360 Edition
    Aug 24, 2009 at 8:08 AM – Andrew Burnes – 19 Comments
    Reiterating past comments, BioWare confirms that the PC version of Mass Effect 2 will launch simultaneously alongside the Xbox 360 version next year:

    “We learned a lot from building the PC version before, and having built it six months later there was a big difference. So we actually took what we learned from PC and put it back into 360,” said Houston, who was talking about the development for the game between the PC and Xbox 360 SKU’s.

    “Fundamentally, we want you to have the same gameplay experience, but just with the difference in controls. This time round, doing it at the same time for a sim-ship, we can control the differences much more smoothly because it’s the same team building it now.”

    And Xbox 360 gamers might be pleased to hear that the sequel now runs at a constant, amazing 30 Frames Per Second!

    “If you look at most good shooters, they lock down frame-rate at 30FPS: we’ve done the same thing. Bam. Everything’s 30FPS, streaming is fixed up.”

    “If you remember in Mass 1, if you took a step backwards and you hit a weird stream and it’d pause for a moment. We’ve done a away with that. What you’re seeing here is pulled straight from the game.”


  13. just saying these are realfacts then offering no real facts doesn’t make them so. to address a few of your points

    pc’s have been doing dd for about 8 years, consoles maybe 18 months and the big 2 have said they both intend to go that way but there is a learning curve so i don’t see the relevance of your point.

    all aaa games have high development costs no matter the format so unless you can provide me with lets say 4 bankrupt devs from the last 18 months that develop only for console i think this is just a blanket statement. especially the number of pc only devs that have gone bankrupt in the last 18 months, unless you are currentlt playinf duke nukem forever and i didn’t realise.

    gain i would like you to clarify the console games don’t make money argument because, borderlands, mw2, halo odst, ufc, arkham asylum and a hadful of other aaa titles would like a word.

    top 10 most pirated games of 2008

    1 Spore (1,700,000) (Sept. 2008)
    2 The Sims 2 (1,150,000) (Sept. 2004)
    3 Assassins Creed (1,070,000) (Nov. 2007)
    4 Crysis (940,000) (Nov. 2007)
    5 Command & Conquer 3 (860,000) (Mar. 2007)
    6 Call of Duty 4 (830,000) (Nov. 2007)
    7 GTA San Andreas (740,000) (Jun. 2005)
    8 Fallout 3 (645,000) (Oct. 2008)
    9 Far Cry 2 (585,000) (Oct. 2008)
    10 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (470,000) (Oct. 2008)

    wow 3 pc exclusives and not a single wii game, who would of thought?

    your point needs timelines xbox spent billions LAUNCHING the xbox in 2005, and i am guessing with gold subscriptions over priced peripherals, avatar marketplaces and the millions of consoles they have sold recouped that.

    Sony was making a loss but that was because their console is still in its launch phase theoetically and its just starting to make its ground to recoup.

    both company’s believe you have to spend money to make money but if you really think a)they won’t make it back or b) they are going anywhere fast you are deluded.

    i have never disagreed that some genres can be done better on pc but each year consoles catch. it was that long ago that people said you could never replace pc’s for fps, no look at that console driven market.

    there are numerous reasons for the decline in the japanese game market but i honestly don’t believe that consoles are it being that the nintendo, sega and playstation all practically were born in japan and have been a large part of sustaining the game market.

    how will onlive put consoles out of business and what makes you think consoles can’t do similar things?

    i get it, you really like your pc but so far you haven’t made one point you have backed up with facts rather than opinions and your argument is three key strokes away from becoming ‘because i said so’. hit me up with some facts then we can talk.

  14. avatar dreamhunk

    oichi Wada says trade must prepare for switch to digital distribution and server-based games

    Square Enix chief Yoichi Wada is preparing his firm for the demise of physical media ? and potentially the death of home consoles.

    In an exclusive interview with MCV that will be published next week, the CEO of the publisher ? which now owns Eidos and is famous for its epic disc-based Final Fantasy games ? said that a dramatic change will come in the next decade offering more opportunity for market growth, but fundamentally transforming the traditional industry.

    ?In ten years? time a lot of what we call ?console games? won?t exist,? he said.

    Wada warned that ?all the distributors and sales firms will suffer a big negative impact? from a new era in which interactive entertainment switches from software run on hardware in the home to server-based offerings, game streaming and digital distribution.

    He claimed that format-holders including Sony and Microsoft are already prepared for the shift ? and that third-parties must follow suit.

  15. avatar dreamhunk

    Amsterdam, Holland-based Playlogic has reported a $3.3 million (£2m) loss for the first half of 2009, compared with a profit of $1 million during the same period a year earlier.

    The Age Of Pirates and Obscure publisher also saw first half revenues decline year-over-year, from $8.3 million to $4.7 million (£2.86m). During the period the company released five new games – Age Of Pirates II: City Of Abandoned Ships, Vertigo, Pool Hall Pro, Sudoku Ball Detective and Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance – compared to seven titles in the first half of last year.

    The company attributed a decrease in gross profit, which was down from $4.4 million to $1.7 million (£1m), on its recent transition from being a PC-focused publisher to a console-centric one, which saw a rise in license fees paid to the platform holders.

    The firm’s new console focus also resulted in an increase in marketing spend during the first six months of the year. “As a result” it recorded a first half operating loss of $2.7 million (£1.64m), compared with a profit of $1.2 million a year earlier.

    Playlogic expects its second half releases – which include the 20th Century Fox license Aliens In The Attic, Obscure: The Aftermath and Fairytale Fights – to help drive full year net revenue in the range of $30-$40 million (£18.3-£24.4m), compared to $9 million in 2008, and net profit of $5.5-$7.5 million (£3.35-4.6m).

  16. avatar dreamhunk

    By the way wow is not the only mmo out there with huge numbers

    there is games like eve online, guildwars, linage aion I could go on

  17. avatar dreamhunk

    duke nukem went bankurpt because they did not perduce anything. It makes matter worse when they move ovet o consoles

    So how meny consoles does it take to play 1 game these day 10 what a joke.

    keep pissing off people, the more big companies like microsft and sony piss off people the less respect people are going have for these companies. the more disrespect peple have for your company the less you sales numbers are going to be.

    let me add to the fact console gaming is on a decline. microsoft and sony has alot to lose.

    the ps3 is a marketing failure. production costs of consoles are so high that next generation of console are expecting to cost $100

    yea your going to paying snot out of your nose for a game.

    sorry pc gamers are not dumb enough to pay for over pirced hardware or over priced games.

    If a game dev wants to leave pc gaming so be it .

    there is always another game dev ready and willing to take his place.

    pc gaming became popular with out consoles.

  18. avatar dreamhunk


    I don’t think you should be talking about pc gaming because I can tell for a fact you jack about pc gaming

    you a console noob

    I have a ton links redy to post on this topic but this site does not let post them.

    a pc game called rune scape is alot more popular than brinty spears and jessic abla ant thst is just one game.

    keep pissing off more pc gamers i am sure those console will really get hack hard, I am sure it’s going to cost micro soft and sony alot more to drive off those pirates. The production costs of them consoles are going to go up.

    pc gamers don’t need consoles to play consoles games. Pc gamers can build programs to play the any game we want.

  19. avatar Chris Newman

    you guys said that you can buy a gaming pc for 350$ what would i want to to buy if i want a 500-700 pc including monitor

  20. avatar dreamhunk

    Yoichi Wada is the president and CEO of Square Enix. Square Enix is a very big video game developer and publisher, responsible for games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts. Hence, his words mean an awful lot. His latest words: console gaming, as we know it today, has only a few years left in it. The future? It’s all about the network, baby!~

    The background: Yoichi Wada gave an interview to MCV, a British publication. Good on him. It’s not exactly a wide-ranging interview, instead strictly focusing on the future of video games. Considering his job title, you’d have to assume he knows what he’s talking about.

    The big points: physical media (DVD-based games and the like) has no future, so you’d better be cool with things like Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam; 2005 will be seen as the year that everything changed, when console manufacturers changed their mentality from being primarily hardware/console-based to network-based (Xbox Live and eventually~! PSN); Final Fantasy XIV, which is an MMO, may well be more important for Square Enix than Final Fantasy XIII since it’s part of the “new wave” of online, social games.


    Now that that’s out of that way, well, yeah, Wada is 100 percent correct. Console gaming, as we know it, or even used to know it, will die either with this generation or the next. Think of your Xbox 360 and PS3: they’re basically low-end PCs, especially in the 360’s case. (Though I think it’s safe to say that the PS3 has some life left in it, it’s just going to take someone with a lot of money to actually develop a game from the ground up for the system. I’m thinking God of War III will be that game.) Microsoft is most up-front about this: play with Twitter or Facebook! Watch Zune movies! Have a party with your friends! Oh, also, it can play video games, too!

    The Xbox 360 came out four years ago. If it weren’t for Xbox Live, or the constant updates the system has seen via software updates (the NXE, Netflix streaming, Twitter/Facebook, etc.), we’d be clamoring for info about the next Xbox already. When was the last time you read so much as a thinly sourced rumor about the next Xbox?

    In other words, we’re going to be with the current generation of consoles for a little while, which speaks to Wadas’ point: from 2005, the network matters just as much, if not more so, than the consoles themselves.

    (Incidentally, I’m currently in the process of building a gaming/new main PC to replace a 3-year-old iMac for this very reason: why should I play Team Fortress 2 with, what, 15 other people on Xbox Live (versus the several thousand on the PC version), or play Fallout 3 with no access to mods?. I just bought this monitor, and will be adding components as the weeks go by. Any tips (GPUs, CPUs, motherboards, etc) would be greatly appreciated.)

    And then there’s casual games! Not everyone has the time required to play “hardcore” games like Fallout 3 or Dragon Quest, so why not fire up a round of Wii Sports, kill off some steam, then go about your business? Needless to say, game publishers make a nice chunk of change on these “simple” games, being that they cost so little to develop, making them fairly important for the bottom line.

    If you want to get crazy, then you can think of things like the OTOY and OnLive and Spawn Labs, which promise, to varying degrees, HD-level games over a broadband connection. How well that actually turns out in the real world, who knows, but you can be guys like Wada are paying attention.

    I don’t know, this is all over the place. The gist of it is this: we need to recognize that game consoles are little more than dumbed down, low spec PCs. That’s not an insult, of course, just a statement on their underlying technology. Soon, if not already, it’s going to be less about the number of gigaflops the system can process than wether or not you can play Fun Simulator 2 with 87 of your Twitter friends.

    You know what I mean, right? I don’t know, too much apple pie yesterday~!

  21. avatar dreamhunk

    The PC is treated as a second-rate game platform. This is evidenced most strongly both by game publishers’ treatment of the PC versions of their multi-platform games as well as how the games press covers PC games whether they be multi-platform or exclusive. For roughly the last six years the PC has been perceived as being a dying platform. While some players have definitely shifted from PC to video game consoles during this same time frame, things aren’t that bad; the PC platform’s biggest problem is still the perception that gamers, game makers, and game journalists have of it. This problem, left to fester, has begun to have distinct effects on the way PC games are treated.

    Publishers, when they even make a PC version of their game, don’t treat it as well as they do the console versions. Development of the PC version of multi-platform games is often outsourced to a third party, and the quality of the product suffers as a result. But it isn’t always a problem of outsourcing; sometimes developers are simply told to focus their foremost efforts on the console versions. Marketing of the PC version also takes a hit; it is not uncommon for the PC version of a game to be released weeks to months after the console versions. Rarely will the PC version even be mentioned in magazine and comic book ads, much less television adverts; it will just be tossed out and left up to word of mouth and the virtually non-existent retail spaces to sell it to people.

    Microsoft doesn’t help matters, either. You wouldn’t know it by watching their E3 press conferences, but they’re the same company that makes Windows, the largest PC game platform there is. Why don’t they let people know? Splinter Cell: Conviction made a splash this year at E3 2009, but on the big stage it was touted as an “Xbox 360 exclusive” to the press and to retailers; it was not until after the press conference that it was learned the game would be coming to PC as well.

    Another effect of publishers’ mistreatment of PC games is apparent in the way the games press covers them. Like it or not, much of what the most popular sources for game news, reviews, previews and other information chooses to cover and care about is largely driven by marketing. Members of the games press have said as much; if a game doesn’t have marketing behind it, they will not bother reviewing it, if they even know about it to begin with. As a result, games press has become increasingly console-focused. Only the most high profile PC games news is reported on, and even then, there’s rarely any editorial input as there is in posts about console games. Follow-ups are scarce. The press just does not care as much. Unless it’s an outlet that precludes console game coverage, of course, but they are few, and they are small. Being virtually unheard, they are not in a position to serve as consumer advocates as bigger sites can be.

    Publishers need to be taken to task by the press for things like staggering the PC versions of their games, for not optimizing properly, not marketing them properly and for not making certain features and DLC available that are present in the console versions. Some examples of games that have had these issues in recent years include:

    * Saints Row 2 – staggered release, poor optimization, no DLC.
    * Grand Theft Auto IV – staggered release, poor optimization, no DLC.
    * Ghostbusters – no multiplayer.
    * Tomb Raider: Underworld – no DLC, needed for true ending.
    * Prince of Persia – no DLC, needed for true ending.
    * Mass Effect – staggered release.
    * Dead Space – staggered release.
    * Mirror’s Edge – staggered release.
    * Assassin’s Creed – staggered release.
    * Bionic Commando – staggered release.
    * Red Faction: Guerilla – staggered release.
    * Street Fighter IV – staggered release.
    * The Last Remnant – staggered release.
    * Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. – no DLC.

    Granted, in certain cases, a staggered release for PC games means a more polished game with a few extra features or some extra content; this was the case with games such as Assassin’s Creed and Mass effect, but they are the exception, not the rule. And in the case of Mass Effect, I would expect that a developer create a user interface that is appropriate for the platform the game is on, though I still appreciate it. The point is that there would be a much bigger stink made about the issues surrounding the games listed above if the affected version had been the Xbox 360’s or Playstation 3’s.

    I won’t purport to have all the answers to these problems, but I have an idea. Above all else: care. If you’re a gamer, whether you play PC games or not, if you care about video games at all, care about what happens to the PC platform. Care about how the games are treated, how they’re marketed, how they’re supported and how they’re covered. If you’re a publisher, care about your game and make it right, or don’t make it at all. Your poorly optimized, poorly marketed and under-supported game reflects negatively on the platform. If you’re press, care about the state of PC games. You’re opinion leaders; if you care, gamers will care. If gamers care, that will force publishers to care, and we’ll all be better off for it.

  22. wow, i am impressed you not only made atual points but managed to agree with several things i said, contradict half your blanket statements, ignore the several questions i posed to you and go completely off topic and talk about something that had little to do with the discussion.

  23. avatar dreamhunk


    You nothing about pc gaming and there fore you should not even talk about. I find it funny that people on this radio show can’t even give a list of pc games. You can tell there is alot of consoles noobs.


    you know nothing about pc gaming Your like an out sider looking in.

    here is a few videos to also prove console games don’t surpass pc gaming, In fact I will go so far to say that no game on console looks better than crysis.

    sorry a console can’t do stuff like this

    here this where pc gaming is going

    so no consoles do not have better graphics than pc.

    There is alot of miss inforation here and not factual information

    I can list tons of links to prove you wrong and show you how much you don’t know about gaming or pc gaming. You really not debate about things you have no clue over.

  24. avatar dreamhunk

    how meny genres does console gaming have 4???

    shooter, rpg. rythem music and cation games

    all you see these days on consoles is shooter,shooter,shooter

    sorry pc gaming has alot more popular genres than consoles does.

    there are a ton of genres that can’t be done on consoles sorry

    there is a ton of genres also dead on consoles sorry.

    flight sims suck on consoles

    space sims suck on consoles

    Tbs games suck on consoles

    rts games suck on consoles

    I could go on.

  25. avatar dreamhunk

    how meny consoles does it take to play a single game these days 20?

    the failure rates of them consoles are so high with xbox 360 leading the way. You know I would say that is a waste of money.

  26. avatar dreamhunk

    Jon Peddie Research, the industry’s research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, has announced that it forecasts the market for PC gaming hardware to see a 30% increase in 2010, equating to a $6 billion increase over 2009.

    Senior video game industry analyst at JPR, Ted Pollak, credits this growth to a number of factors: “The largest influence on the high forecasted growth rate is due to purchasing delays for systems and upgrades in 2008/2009 as consumers circled the wagons and took a conservative position on discretionary spending. A recovering economy, processing advancements, and higher quality gaming offerings will all contribute to a healthy year for PC gaming hardware in 2010.”

    Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research added: “The PC gaming market continues to be the high growth, and technological leader for home entertainment. With Windows 7 and DirectX 11, advanced and exciting physics, and stereovision capabilities, the PC platform is far and away the most advanced.”

    By 2012 JPR forecasts the total PC gaming market to be worth $34.76 billion.

  27. avatar dreamhunk

    Online multiplayer gaming was born on the PC – games like Quake and Duke Nukem 3D blew up and created a subculture that is still growing and evolving. PC gamers were years into their multiplayer careers before consoles woke up and started adding split screens. Today you can log on with your Playstation 2 to play with up to eight people and even communicate verbally using a microphone, but multiplayer gaming on the console isn’t quite up to par yet. Though consoles outpace PC’s in some aspects of gaming, PC delivers the best multiplayer experience available. Case in point: Half-Life was released by Sierra in 98, and Counter-Strike, a Half-Life mod, still has more players online than any other game. Half-Life is a kickass game that plays fast on just about any system, even with crappy graphics cards.

    Strength Beyond Strength: The Personal Computer
    Why the PC rules:

    - More players : PC multiplayer games can host hundreds of gamers simultaneously; there are no Massive Multiplayer console games.

    - More connection options : I can connect via the Net to players all over the world, or host a LAN party at my place. Split screens seem intolerable compared to this luxury.

    - Less regulation and censorship : PC games tend to have way more gore – more chunks, bigger explosions, more horrifying screams.

    - Better graphics : Though consoles generally beat PC’s on speed and graphic rendering, higher resolution (TV is only 640×480) and the option of better graphics cards make the PC screen king.

    - More games, better games : Console games are made to be simple and exciting – the real in depth games are on the PC.

    - MODing : PC gamers can create their own maps using scenario editors, and even create all new games out of their favorite game engines.

    - Free Play : Most multiplayer PC games can be played on the Net for free, some games even offer free multiplayer demos.

    - Huge, thriving online communities :
    I can log on today and play the original Quake online if I want to. Half Life has been the most popular online game since 1998, and it still sells for $40 at stores. I can also play most other once popular games, making my old obsolete PC into a Legacy Gaming platform. No matter how old your PC, you can play online.

  28. avatar dreamhunk

    age of conan, maple story and meny mmo’s was to be on consoles.

    I have one thing to say they are going to flop and hard for meny reasons.

    also there is no way any of the console mmo’s could compete with the the mmo’s coming to pc.

    guildwars 2, blizzard next mmo and kotor will be cutting edge compared to mmo’s on consoles.

    that is if those game ever come at all.

    also them console mmo’s can’t compete with the free to games on pc.

  29. avatar dreamhunk

    sorry here is a better video of Emily she is the future of pc gaming, sorry consoles can’t do this

  30. avatar dreamhunk

    Oh one more thing pc gaming and pc gamers are so advanced we can now play pc games with our minds,future-tech-interview-with-emotiv-co-founder-nam-do-and-the-science-behind-mind-control.aspx

  31. avatar dreamhunk

    One more thing I forgot to add cod 4 vs crysis

    this why crysis is a much better game than cod4

  32. avatar dreamhunk

    Ok here is why pc gaming is best for racing games

    they have motion simlars for air plane games too

    some people build their own

    here is another reason pc gaming is better than consoles

    for car games

    this something you don’t get with racing car games on consoles

  33. avatar dreamhunk

    that is from some one who works for intel by the way

  34. avatar Miles

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