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Join Josh, Chase, Chris, Paul, and special guest Chris “The Nuts” Matulich as they hike down the ever-winding trails of gaming culture.

This week the crew attempts to switch it up by hitting the primary topic, freedom in games, during the first part of show – but despite our best efforts to stay on task, Dragon Age: Origins slips its way into the discussion. Regardless, we hit up your user comments right off the bat – so listen in.

If you like what you hear (save perhaps the sound of unsettling at the start of the show) let us know in the comments section. Did you like the change in format? Any random questions for the crew?

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Note: If you’re not a fan of tasteful, high brow belch related humor – you might want to skip to about 1:30.


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  1. Now that I’m hearing it for a second time…Josh, you’re an asshole. :P

    Let me know if you’d like me on again, can’t wait to get my chance to make up for my inferior knowledge.

  2. Modest Mouse and burping: greatest intro ever.

    Good cast, guys. I think it was great that you had the main topic up first, but there was a lot of going off topic as well. Still, it was about Dragon Age, so I’m not complaining.

  3. Good cast guys. I agree that a good balance of sandbox vs linear, I personally prefer a sandbox game with an optional main story line (so you can “beat” the game, but still have hundreds of hours of additional game play. The first sandbox game I remember playing was Daggerfall (1996). In fact you couldn’t even finish the main quest (it was bugged), but there was soo much you could do that it didn’t matter (actually many more quests, world size, and options then morrowind and oblivion).

  4. Someone buy Chase some WD-40 for that squeaky chair!

  5. I second the blaming of Josh.

  6. I have not had the chance to get my hands on Dragon Age: Origins yet. I am really pleased to hear they are scrapping a very awfully clear this is good/this is bad system.

    I hope they bring this forward into all their future titles, I would love to see this system in Mass Effect 2 aswell, mainly because ME is my favourite IP.

    I also agree with Simon and I am glad you started getting right into the main topic, apart from the introductory insults of course. :D

  7. This should not have been considered an episode of the Limit Cast. Instead it should have it’s own unique title like the “Oh my God Buy Dragon Age it’s the BEST THING EVER Cast”. I mean could you guys have possibly talked about Dragon Age any more? Now I gotta go buy the damn game because it’s all I can think about listening to you guys go on about it for two hours.

  8. @Shawn
    You’d be doing yourself a disservice by not buying the game.

    And we may have been jerking off the game quite a bit, but it really is that good.

  9. I plan on getting and playing the game, but not till Christmas when I actually have time to sit down and enjoy it.

  10. You won’t last until Christmas Shawn…

  11. For the record, at 2:30AM CST, I challenged Shawn Evans to a 1v1 match in Counter Strike Source. For the record, it is worth mentioning that I was completely loaded at the time of this challenge (IE, now.) And yet, I still defeated the nefarious Shawn, at a plentiful 12 – 2.

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