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Welcome back ladies and gentleman!  It’s just about time for the league of extraordinary gamers to convene once again.  What’s on the docket this week?  For starters, Josh finished his man training, and I have to admit, the results are amazing.  Although, I’m not quite sure where he got all that sun from.

Anyway, we have a terrific show planned for you guys so click that read more button for Josh’s new look and our topic of the week.


As you can see, Josh has been hitting the iron hard these last few days.  It’s amazing what peanut butter flavored grapefruits and sit-ups can do in a mere week.

Join me, Josh, Chris, Paul, and special guest Kevin Miller as we tackle the tough task of picking a favorite developer and explaining ourselves.  You can expect that Josh will get on his knees for Blizzard and Paul will more than likely pick the guys that make Pro Evolution Soccer.

It’s going to be a fun topic and we want you to get involved too!  Comment below and tell us who your favorite developer is and why!

  1. Rare(ware) has been a favourite of mine for a long time, but I think that’s more because of their SNES/N64 days. While I’ve enjoyed a few recent titles from them, I don’t think they’ll ever be that good again.

  2. Nowadays though, I’d say Valve is a company I’ve grown to respect a lot for continuing to put out brilliant titles. Otherwise there aren’t a lot of companies out there that really stand out for me.

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  3. Chase, your love for men’s fit bodies concerns me.

  4. It’s a pretty obvious one, but BioWare are far and away my favorite developer. Not only have they continued to improved upon the art of immersive storytelling, but they have also avoided the problem a lot of RPG developers encounter: repetition.

    At least in terms of setting and story. KotOR (Star Wars, babbeh), Jade Empire (mad Aziantown-stylin’), Mass Effect (space, yo), and Dragon Age (crazy serpent skillz that killz).

    Not to mention MDK2. How freaking COOL was that game?

  5. Well, I’d have to say that I will play mostly any game that Square Enix (but mainly Square) has ever laid their name to. Final Fantasy was what really brought my gaming to a whole new level, as I burned through not one, not two, but three PS 1 motors thanks to Final Fantasy 5-9. They may not be the groundbreaking developers they once were, but they certainly make me change my pants with even just a thought about a new Final Fantasy title (besides those bastard children known as Crystal Chronicles).

    But also like Simon, BioWare is a very close second. They are true artists in crafting a narrative, not to mention they always have an intriguing and awesome combat system that is always a lot of fun.

    And I didn’t know peanut butter, grapefruit, and sit-ups could make Josh black.

    • avatar RAm

      I needed to make sotemhing for girl’s night. Hum red wine and CHOCOLATE! I started, and really began to doubt if the chocolate chunkers would be worth all the effort. Maybe it’s because Julia was tugging on my pants, but they seemed like a tedious process compared to most cookies. But are they ever!!!! Thanks for bringing them to a chocolate lovers attention. They are the best cookies I have had love the sweet and salty.

  6. Those Brits, live and die by any developer who makes a soccer game. Hahha

  7. avatar Tbobaggins

    I think to make things interesting Josh needs to tell everything WRONG with Blizzard. Not the things that make him nut himself.

  8. A) It’s football, not soccer. Damn Yanks!
    B) Fifa is better than PES.
    C) Ooh, look, a squirell!

  9. Simon, MDK2 was AWESOME. Too bad I had to play the PS2 version instead of the original on the Dreamcast.

    The problem with Bioware is that their games are all the same game in a different setting. First, KOTOR. Then, KOTOR in Asia (Jade Empire). The KOTOR is space, minus the Star Wars (Mass Effect). Now, high fantasy KOTOR (Dragon Age). There’s more talking choices, but still the same!

    I like how Paul says, “football, not soccer!” Then brings up PES. It’s not PEF. S is for soccer… That’s good enough for me.

    My favorite developer, still, is Nintendo. They’ve had entire hardware cycles where the only reason to even look at their systems was for the first-party offerings. That’s not just because Nintendo is notorious for licensing fees/etc. scaring off third parties, but also because Nintendo delivers an INCREDIBLE game every single time they try.

    Except Wii Music. Whatever. One flaw in 100 years is not too shabby.

  10. BioWare hands down, every time. They always make great games and seem genuinely passionated about ensuring they provide us with something worth keeping, not trading it in later.

  11. Activision, EA, THQ, duh. Oh wait… they’re publishers. I third BioWare, they’ve got a brilliant team and are craftsmen at storytelling.

  12. I didn’t bring up PES, Chase did. And the developers of that game are also wrong.

  13. How can any of you say Bioware? While they might make great games, they completely stop supporting them a couple months after they’re released. That’s a major negative in my book.

    Now Blizzard, there’s an incredible video game company. Not only do they release products that are extremely polished, they support those products for years and years. Diablo 2 and Starcraft are still getting patches 10+ years after they’ve been released.

    Blizzard also does a lot to support and build it’s gaming communities, which a lot of other developers don’t do. Not to mention, they actually listen to their fan base and take their recommendations and criticisms to heart.

  14. For the record, Josh just accepted my challenge from a previous podcast to take me on 1vs1 in a game of Counter Strike. I called him out and said that I would whoop his ass as I was pretty damn confident in my CS skillz.

    Well I’m here to let everyone know that he totally whooped my butt 12 to 2 and made me look like a togtal CS NOOB!!!! Not only that, but he was shit faced drunk when he did it, while I was sober and just off a 5 hours straight MW2 multiplayer gaming fest.

    Josh is clearly the better Counter Strike player and I have a feeling I’m going to be hearing about this for an extremely long time. That is if he even remembers any of it when he wakes up.

  15. How could you lose Shawn!? Now Josh will NEVER stop talking about it.

  16. So apparently people Josh and Chase both do not like the comments I made about Bioware in my previous comment. Since they’ve both stated they plan on raping me and “tearing my argument apart” during the podcast, I thought I would at least say a litte more to try and defend myself.

    First of all, I never said that Bioware is a bad developer. I very plainly stated that they make “great games”, and to be honest they are easily one of my top 10 developers. I mentioned one bad thing about them I don’t like, but that’s it. Just one bad thing.

    I simply wish that they would support their games a little bit more after they launch. This comment mainly comes from the way they treated Mass Effect. First of all, the game launched with a ton of bugs and problems. Problems like a horrible inventory system, lots of graphical glitches, and some other annoying glitches. A lot of people dealt with these issues because the game was so good, but they never once released a patch to fix any of these problems.

    Bioware also promised to support Mass Effect post launch with a bunch of DLC and that never came to fruition. They launched one DLC expansion and that’s it and it was a small little 2 hour mission. Look at how well Bethesda supported Fallout 3 after it launched. It got 5 DLC packs, all of which were 4-8 hours in length. That is how to properly support a game after launch.

    Now you might all disagree that a company that makes single player games should not have to support it’s game after launch, but I simply disagree with that, especially after the company promises to support a game and doesn’t. That being said, I’ll still buy every single Bioware game they make, because they make INCREDIBLE GAMES. They are just not my favorite developer. THey are however in my top 10 as I already stated.

    I never said Blizzard was my favorite developer either. I simply used them as an example as a company who DOES SUPPORT their games after launch. They have a lot of problems as well though. They take way too long to release their games, and when they do release them their technology always seems way behind the times.

    I’m not honestly sure who my favorite developer is. I have to admit that in the last 2 years Harmonix has been one of my favorites. I have immensely enjoyed every game they have launched. Nintendo also has an incredible track record. I just don’t know who I would pick.

  17. Just to be pedantic, Bioware released 2 DLC packs for Mass Effect. Neither of them were really any good though.

  18. avatar Weston White

    Bring back Sierra Online. I miss “Leisure Suit Larry”!

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