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Want to try your hand at a DoTA clone? Well, we have managed to muster up 8 extra beta keys for Heroes of Newerth to giveaway!  All you have to do to snag one is be within the first 8 people to respond to this post.

Alternatively if you miss out on the giveaway, you’ll no doubt find League of Legends to be the next best thing.

You can read our previous coverage of the Newerth Beta here, here, here and here… Or alternatively you can check out the offical site.

Terms and Conditions:
1) The winner will be notified within 24 hours of their response.
2) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email).
3) No staff participation.

  1. avatar overlordror

    Count me in!

  2. Or my computer could fail to log me in. Count me in now!

  3. avatar frankisno

    Count me in

  4. i have forget to say thanks

  5. avatar RonnJ

    I want a beta key too… thanks

  6. forgot to register awhile ago…

    man, I wish I get a key… hehe

  7. Hey, i’ll be emailing EVERYONE here over the next hour.
    Consider this closed :)

  8. Everyone has been emailed, if it’s not in your inbox check your spam catcher.

  9. avatar Mat

    can u giv me a beta key plzzzz! im dying to play dis game

  10. avatar ricaflor

    can you send me beta key? plzZz!! i realy to play the new HoN

  11. avatar ricaflor

    can you send me beta key? plzZz!! i realy to play the new HoN
    this is my e-mail:

  12. avatar Stye

    Hii I need key Comon i need to try Hon!!!!

  13. avatar gino

    i knw its knda late…but cross fingers still hoping if i can stil have a beta key :)

    thank u very much!~

  14. avatar Anonymous

    i need a beta key thanks

  15. avatar jenmar

    pls give me a beta key
    email is:

  16. avatar Misshy

    Please, I really need a beta key..

    My e-mail address is

    Have a great day and thanks in advance!

  17. avatar sanz

    Hello Sir / Ma’am

    Can i ask some of this BETA Key?

    I would like to play this Heroes of Newerth

    Hope I have one.

    Thanks In Advance.

    My e-mail :

  18. Hello Sir / Ma’am

    Can i ask some of this BETA Key?

    I would like to play this Heroes of Newerth

    Hope I have one.

    Thanks In Advance.

    My e-mail :

  19. avatar joboy

    sir can you give me a beta key.. email me at

  20. avatar xebex

    hi to all commenters i hope i can i have some of your beta keys

    or email me @

  21. avatar MasterShadow

    can i have beta key for “HON” i want to try to play this game..this is my emial add……Thanks..More Power!

  22. avatar Anonymous

    i love this game. can i have beta key for “hon” thank u
    my email

  23. avatar 3rdworld

    Think i’m too late here as well.

    Been going all over the net trying to get a beta key for hon.

    if it’s not too late, can i have a beta key as well?



  24. avatar Lesty

    please send me one

    thanks a lot

  25. avatar kirk

    how to hack beta key

  26. avatar ^^

    can u give me beta key??

  27. avatar Orbytal

    hi i need one too please if it’s possible. thanks

  28. avatar Ryan

    hi to all commenters i hope i can i have some of your beta keys

    or email me

  29. avatar xebex

    hi to all hopping to get some beta key og yours

    email me @

  30. avatar kei

    please give me beta keys pls thank you :)

  31. avatar nikko

    can i have some of those beta keys??

  32. avatar Nick

    can i have a beta key plzzz i like these game a lot email:

  33. avatar mauzer

    please give me one beta key

  34. avatar ...

    pls give me a beta key


    thank, i hope i’m not too late

  35. avatar skapej

    i need beta keys pls give me some…

  36. avatar laly

    please i wanna play too …… pls give me a beta key .

  37. avatar MattK

    Hey I would love to give this game a try,

    Thanks man

    • avatar Raul

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  38. Yep, I think the keys are gone but if you still have some, please send :D ->

  39. avatar alvin jaye

    can you give me a beta key pls…

    pls give me one.. i want to play =(

  40. avatar BeyondGodlike!!

    pls help me,, i wanna xperience HoN… my friends told me,, It’s so great…

    tnx a lot..

  41. avatar SOKoL

    pls send me one key on:

  42. avatar awais

    plzzz send me beta key on this email

  43. avatar eroz

    i wanna play HON badly… —- (tnx)

  44. avatar bhuratinila

    can you send me a key please….

  45. avatar bhuratinila

    send it to my email…

  46. avatar charcey

    can i have one too…my email is

    • avatar Dina

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  47. avatar mark

    too late huh…

    but can i have one pls my e-mail is

  48. avatar aries

    pls give me a beta key coz im really a fan of HON and many of my friends are now playing and i couldnt play coz i dont have a beta key pity for me..send me one to my email…

  49. avatar ogin

    pls give me a beta key

  50. avatar Choi

    Can I also have a Beta Key? Thanks Sir c:

  51. avatar ayo

    i like dis kind of game so really want to have beta key
    please email me..thanks

  52. avatar vito

    i want to play this awesome games… plzzzz

  53. avatar Jed

    can i have betakey sir

    here’s my email:

  54. avatar shawn

    I want beta Key i have waited for a year Please give me one.

  55. avatar Marley

    Look i really want a beta key so can i please have one…i mean its not like im asking for a kidney.

  56. avatar DSJericho

    I really want to play Heroes of Newerth…It´s awesome game!!!
    Pls send me a BETA Key for HoN….this is my email:

  57. avatar angelo

    pls……………….. i want beta keys…………………….send me @

  58. avatar almir

    plz send me some HoN beta keys tnx

  59. avatar almir

    plz send me some HoN beta key tnx

  60. avatar clinton

    plsss send me a valid, not yet used beta key for HON,,


  61. avatar kicess

    Sir can u give me Beta key of HON

    here’s my email:


  62. avatar Arghol

    Hi could you send me a beta key please. ;D

  63. avatar INEEDB3takey

    i need a beta key for HON

  64. avatar ComaChaos

    Send me a beta key plzzz !
    Ty already. ^^

  65. avatar Anonymous

    Please send me beta key
    I would be gratfull if you do that ;D

  66. avatar mans

    can you give me a beta key pls

  67. avatar mans can you pls give me a beta key..pls tnx

  68. avatar sparky

    plz plz plz :D wona play

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  69. avatar -=[Pro]Arrows=-

    beta key sir please…

  70. avatar CrimeLord

    please can you count me in???????

  71. avatar thanapol

    can u send me beta key please?
    beta key sir please

  72. avatar Nina

    hey can i get beta key please

    thanks for your time


  73. avatar Doomchie

    i hope there is still one more beta key for ex dota player :D
    I heared HoN is awesome wanna try it bad.
    Plzz gief beta key, my email is
    im dying to try it

  74. avatar asa

    can you give me A heroes of newerth beta i need to play with my friends i am always waiting for a new beta keys can u give me some my e-mail is

  75. avatar asa

    thanks in advance to the one who give me the beta key….. ty advance….

  76. avatar jake

    pls send me beta …key…at my email

  77. avatar jamesy

    pls send me a……
    I addicting to dota ….hehehehhehehe222x

  78. avatar anne

    hey..boy…pls me send me a beta key pls…..hmmm.. a’m play dota…hehehe

  79. avatar Raven

    pls.. give me a beta key……^_^

  80. avatar paolo

    give me a beta key send me!!!

  81. avatar Lance

    Pls give me a beta key,,

  82. avatar kazuki

    can you give me beta key.. this is my email..

  83. avatar charles

    add me in too!! please i really want one =’(

  84. avatar Dashboard

    Add me also… my friends had an account already.. please can i have one also.. ive searched all over the net but there’s nothing left but here…


    XD thanks

  85. avatar Am

    can you give me beta key.. this is my email..

  86. avatar nikson

    can you please give me a beta key this my email

  87. avatar ayein

    hope u all can giv me HoN beta key for me…..
    send mail to

  88. I need a beta key please send me it at
    Thanks :) !

  89. avatar HoN fan #1

    please send me a beta key at

  90. avatar HoN fan #1

    please send me a beta key at :)

  91. avatar Beyond The Grave

    can i have a beta key….its been 2 weeks searching for beta key…
    plss some one…..anyone…. my email
    thanks a bunch..

    • avatar Palmer

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  92. avatar Anonymous

    I need beta key to plz

  93. avatar BarracudaGp

    pls send me beta key thx @

  94. avatar cakcakcak

    can i have 1 to?

    pm me:

    thank before

  95. avatar John

    Hello every body can some one give a beta key or invite me plz so much i want to lay this game THK here is my email

  96. avatar nicky08

    hello can you give me beta key??? plz send to my email thx..

  97. avatar Felipe

    I really want to know what the hype is all about! I’ll be very thankful if you send me an invite.

  98. avatar ali

    plz need beta key heroes of newerth email

  99. avatar don

    pls i need 1 beta key … send to

  100. avatar piids

    could anyone please send a beta key to

  101. avatar hanmeilee

    can u spare me one beta key tnx.. send it to

  102. avatar Alex

    Please give me beta key… send to

  103. avatar ben

    plz i need a beta key im really good at dotA and i heard hon is better


  104. avatar Monde

    pls send me beta kye pls…

  105. avatar nobetakey((

    give me plz beta keymy mail

  106. avatar Kate

    hello..pls send me abeta key…i really reallyneed one..iwant to play HON..=(pls….heres my….thanksin advance…

  107. avatar hans

    hello,..can u give me beta key pls,…i’m dieing to play the game but cant do any!!!heres my email,… thnx more powers

  108. avatar jeppe

    please give me a beta key

  109. avatar winjie

    please give me beta key?

  110. avatar Anonymous

    give me 3 betas plz, two for my friends and one for me plz plz:

  111. avatar josh

    pls give me a batch of beta key my email is

  112. avatar ken

    can i have one beta key please? my email is

  113. avatar Yoichi

    please i need beta been searching for too long now …my email is

  114. avatar Anonymous

    wala nabang beta key.??!!!!!!!!!kailan pa mkkuha ng beta key

  115. avatar Anonymous

    give me 2 beta keys my email

  116. avatar pongz

    badly needed a key… i need it plsss…

    thanks in advance

  117. avatar burgs

    plss i need a key…


  118. avatar weakling

    really need a beta key T_T

  119. avatar Anonymous

    Hello, could i get on of a beta key, if heard about that game and saw clips , and now i want to play!

    • avatar Moreno

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  120. avatar BURAKHAHAN

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if you sent me a HoN key. I’ve played dota for a really long time now, and the main reason I want to play HoN is because of the better graphics and hopefully better community. The people who play DotA seem to be so immature and childish. I don’t know if HoN will be any different… but I don’t mind trying. Anyways, I’ve been searching for a key for a long time and I would really appreciate a key. :)


  121. avatar Anonymous

    HI. I really just need 1 beta key so please send me please

  122. avatar Lawliet4

    can u send me one beta key in my email

  123. avatar otomskii

    count me please

  124. avatar blake

    Can you please send me 1 beta key please….I badly needed to have one…And i really need it as soon as possible…

    Ill be more than happy to have one.

    Thanks in advance….

  125. avatar magoo2x

    I really want to play the game, HoN..
    I cant afford to buy an account,can you send me 1?

    my email add,

  126. avatar Plsss.. give me an beta key . i almost play Hon for a year but it just lost!! pls.. give me an beta key so i can play again heroes of newerth.... pls... send it to ^_^ tahnks

    ja lakas

  127. avatar Helena

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