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Apologies to anyone outside of the sunny shores of the UK, but this week’s competition is just for us.  This week, Gamer Limit is giving away three copies of A Boy and His Blob for the Wii to three lucky individuals.

Want the chance to get your hands on this charming puzzle platformer? All you have to do is tell us: “Who is your favourite companion in a game?”

In one week’s time, we will pick the three winners, so don’t delay, or you may lose your chance to snag a copy of this heart-warming cute game.

Good luck all!

Terms and Conditions:
1) The winners will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff randomly, on Monday November 30th, at 12:00AM EST.
2) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email).
3) All entrants must be from the UK.
4) No staff participation, but feel free to post an opinion

  1. Wow! That’s a tough question there are so many…
    I’m gonna go for Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy,
    closely followed by Clank in any Ratchet and Clank game :)

  2. It would have to be Zelda :)

  3. Clank’s a good shout Amy!

    I’d have to go with Tails in Sonic 2 though, he took such abuse all the way through the game. :P

  4. *gasp* No-one has said the companion cube?

  5. Little Jacob in GTA4 was a good friend, sticking by us through thick and thin to the very end!

  6. HK-47, Meatbags of the Old Republic.

  7. I know I’m not qualified, but I’m gonna have to say Stan from Okage: Shadow King. What could possibly be better than a jackass evil king living in your shadow – literally?

  8. avatar Jo B

    Nicole Collard in the Broken Sword series, sad I know, but I like the sarcasm of the journalist to George.

  9. Gragh…who to chose…I think I’ll have to settle for Glottis, the speed demon from Grim Fandango, with Morte from Planescape Torment running a very close second.

    Glottis was just so charmingly driven, and yet so alarmingly stupid…I mean, who [i]wouldn’t[/i] want a souped up dragster, chaufer driven by a loveable giant orange demon?


  10. Tails from Sonic the hedgehog!

  11. Another predictable vote for Tails. Can’t resist a loveable cuddly fox ;)
    Ooh and Diddy Kong, he rocked too!

  12. I think the ‘Mags’ from Phantasy star online on the dreamcast have to be my favourite, like a little extra character you could level and nurture.:)

    I still have my file on one of my old VMUs (loved those memory cards!) with a ‘RoboChao’ Mag. They were a Mag version of the little hint giving Chao robots from Sonic Adventure 2:)

  13. avatar Dunc

    Does Frog from Chrono Trigger count?

  14. Who won, I posted as Jo above and registered after, not sure if my details were added in the end?

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