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Just Dance

It may not have been my most anticipated title at iDEF, but I certainly gave Ubisoft’s upcoming Wii game, Just Dance, a fair go. I sold what little pride I had left to the eGames booth babes simply to entertain you fine Gamer Limit readers.

While I won’t be hailing it as the “greatest release since Guitar Hero” any time soon, you can hit the jump and read my thoughts on the game. Oh, and see the ridiculously embarrassing video – but you don’t have to watch that.

Ubisoft Paris have done a fair job on Just Dance; it’s obviously not a game for everyone, but there is certainly a market for it. For anyone who is simply champing at the bit to take home this boogie-down experience, you won’t have to wait much longer; Just Dance hits stores November 17.

When I jumped into the game I was neither impressed, nor disappointed, by what was on offer. The menus were average, the track list was nothing special, and the actual in-game performances were unremarkable.

I’m not entirely certain whether Wii MotionPlus is utilized in Just Dance, but it certainly didn’t feel like it. Perhaps it was just my two left feet, but there were more than a couple of times that it didn’t recognize the movements I was making; maybe I’m just too good.

Whether you are interested in dancing titles or not, this game was certainly worth a mention. While I doubt I’ll be picking it up on release day, I can foresee plenty of drunken parties slowly descending into a Just Dance man-fest.

  1. Simon, you’re such a beefcake.

  2. This makes me so… happy.

  3. Do you, or do you not know about the bird?

  4. Don’t listen to them Simon, you looked svelt … like a puma.

    Take it from a guy who’s got a similar video hanging over him! :D

  5. It’s always nice to laugh when you get up in the morning, thanks Simon. :D

  6. Watching this video justifies me skipping class this morning

  7. Look at it this way, whenever I hear Katy Perry, I’ll think of you. It’s like having a theme song associated to yourself.

  8. This video could be the greatest thing ever posted on Gamer Limit.

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