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EA’s online PC store is seemingly in the holiday mood, and cutting 30% off a heap of titles. The sale is not available for everything, but you can still get some newer-ish games like Command and Conquer 3 for $20.96,  Dragon Age: Origins for $34.96 (!!) and Mass Effect for $13.96. The sale lasts until Monday, and if I were you, I’d be spending those Friday paychecks right away on Mass Effect and Dragon Age: after all, Bioware deserves it!

Check it out the full sale listing here, and to our American viewers: Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Good thing I just bought Dragon Age like a few days ago for 50$ …damnit

  2. Every year i’m broke for black friday. No matter how much money I have thanksgiving day when i wake up black friday i’m broke. No discounts for me again for yet another year…

    • avatar Stiven

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