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To make up for the failure that was Gyromancer, the original RPG puzzle game king Puzzle Quest is making its triumphant, time-sucking return.

When?  Someday.  All that was really revealed was an official confirmation and this one screenshot (high-res here).

Puzzle Quest 2 was first teased – or, well, something was teased – a few days ago when GamePro revealed its new January 2010 issue cover, featuring Bioshock 2 and a secret, blurred-out game reveal.  The secret behind the blue box was Puzzle Quest 2.

True, it may not be as anticipated as Bioshock 2, but there is a very good chance that people will invest more of their time into it, when all is said and done.  Curious about the purpose of the iron fists – a defensive move, perhaps?

Enjoy this first image for now, and my apologies for the GamePro watermark.  Such is the right of the media exclusive.

Source: GamePro

  1. Hm isnt any gold in the puzzle..

  2. I absolutely loved the first game, so it’s pretty much gauranteed I’ll be picking this up!

  3. avatar Ron Rocamora

    Stephen, I got the first letter and every an individual after EXCEPT Margaret Cho’s. Can you remedy that, please?

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